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Ex-Microsoft chief rolls elastic-SQL challenge to Amazon Redshift


Re: Dinosaur

Hmm, got anything better? As Muglia mentions, practically every big data solution vendor is creating their own SQL layer for whatever they sell, that's happening for a reason.


Actian daubs go-faster stripes on cheapo database kit


Strength of evidence and missing benchmarks

Well, TPC-H is more about warehousing type of queries, it is no TPC-C, and I believe the article tells only one half of the story, that about CPU use optimisation. The other half is columnwise data storage, and that helps optimise I/O.

Standard Postgres does not have column storage, so it would fare no better than Oracle, but its derivatives Netezza and Greenplum just might. Then again, Sybase IQ is on the list, with rather unimpressive results.

Also, it would be interesting to see how the CWI's own column store database MonetDB performs.


Microsoft to bake Windows 8 in three flavours


Re: Ability to turn Start Screen OFF?

Regarding the UI, there's Classic Shell, and it has Start menu. It shouldn't be necessary to install a third party application to make an OS usable, of course, but all is not as bad as it looks at first.


Metro breakdown! Windows 8 UI is little gain for lots of pain


Looks like Linux's big break on desktop is coming

Not Ubuntu, of course, but Mint. Ironically it preserves the Windows 95 UI design ideas best.

Microsoft just isn't the same anymore since Bill has gone on to other challenges; they're now trying to compete with Apple on their turf (consumer entertainment devices) instead of using their core strength at the desktop.

I quite agree with most of the article, except one thing: the quality of the Metro interface. Obviously some effort has been put in the execution, but the design with its yuck monotonous colours, wasted screen space and lack of visual cues is not that great; and it doesn't allow for much customization.

No wonder it isn't that popular on the phones either.



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