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Perl programming language marks 25th birthday

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Re: The internet's Cobol?

Perls greatest benefit is CPAN. If any language wants an example of how to make libraries integrate with little effort for the user and less fuss they should sit back and watch as Perl modules automatically download, work out their dependencies, download them without further help, build the whole mess, test it's installed properly and then let you get on with your job..

Sounds like Maven.... :)


Microsoft cues next-gen Xbox for Crimbo 2013

James Cook

Re: Not called the 720

Wasn't the reason it was called the 360, because marketing bod's were worried people would compare "Playstation 3" and "Xbox 2" and automagically assume the PS3 is better?


NASA unveils eye-popping molten moon and luna tour videos

James Cook


I really wanted it to be Nimoy's vocals on this video when it started....


Nokia opens Ovi Store for N900s

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Is it available sim free?

I ditched long term contracts while back, I think it was a BBC 1 documentary about how the actual cost of device with contract worked out the same if you bought the phone out right and went on a sim-only plan that influenced me

So I have ended up on O2's sim-only for £20 a month, 600 mins, 1000 texts, unlimited internet.

My 2p's worth...


Toyota Prius fourth-generation e-car

James Cook

Lifetime Pollution

Funnily enough an old episode of Top Gear was on this week, Dave I believe, which featured the 3rd gen Prius.

Now I know Clarkson loves any excuse to bash eco products. However he did make a claim that research was done into lifetime pollution of a car from production to death and this research found that the Prius produces more toxins than a Range Rover. One source was production of the battery - the example he showed was Nickel mined from Canada, shipped to Europe to be refined, then over to China to be converted into a foam type substance before forwarding on to Japan for them to put in the battery

Admittedly this is anecdotal evidence as it stands, no references. But if this isn't the case do Toyota provide any evidence to say this isn't true. Or does anyone know of such a report existing?

Just my thoughts as I sit here riding out the Friday...



Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

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Poor network

We had VM put in last year (ADSL) and our transfer speeds would vary from 60KBps down to 5. This was supposed to be 4Mb line, we don't do any major downloading. But we would also experience a lot of page cannot be displayed when clicking links, only to refresh to have the page appear. We also suffered heavily from a long latency time. For example pinging would return times around 200-300ms instead of 10-20ms we were getting before.

When trying to tell VM about this they kept passing this off a line issue. My housemate was well aware of the poor quality wiring in the house when he first bought it and was happy enough with their explanation. I wasn't and convinced him to get out and we joined O2, both being on O2 customers we recieved a great deal and so if it was the line then atleast we would be paying less.

Anyway, we are now switched over onto an 8Mb line and its awesome... how the internet should be... :-)

IT? - because I don't think VM really know what they are doing...


Nintendo Wii

James Cook

All about fun.

I will be buying a Wii, simply for the same reason I bought a cube and a N64 before that and a Super Nintendo before that.

Innovation is always a winner for me.

If you remember when you first saw:

How great "mode 7" graphics were

Seeing 4 way split of a multiplayer game e.g. Goldeneye

Getting amongst 29 other cars in F-Zero X

Seeing Mario 64 on display

Then I think you will probably understand where I am coming from.

I have a PC for your run of the mill games, your pro evos, call of dutys or toca race drivers if you will.

I "plan" to have a Wii (hehe) for those drunken nights in with friends.

And (esp for the Hmmm poster) I will carry on playing Hockey at weekend for my aspect of real life interaction (I also work aswell - if that counts...).

So the motion controller will get old after a while. But if it gives me as much fun as playing: Bomberman 2, Super Mario Kart (Time trial was brilliant for deciding who gets the beers in), Goldeneye, Monkey Ball, Smash Mario Football to name a few. It will be worth the money.



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