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'Windows 10 nagware: You can't click X. Make a date OR ELSE'


Re: Not Vista

Agreed. Never trust a guy who's got the Norton Toolbar in his browser!

Snowden SLAMS iPhone, claims 'special software' tracks users


Snow Day

"whether security experts are aware of it, or who would have the capability to view the "information" gathered"

If Snowden knows about a vulnerability before everyone else, would that make it a Snow-day exploit? As opposed to zero-day...

PC market's bleeding slows thanks to XP phase-out


My 2 cents

10 years working at a computer store, and this is probably the busiest we've been. Lots of people coming in with XP systems (leaky caps, IDE, AGP, 56k Modems) The OS isn't their only issue. Also, many business owners needing/wanting upgrades and one thing i hear a lot is: "I can't run my business from a tablet" so they buy a new (or refurbished Lenovo, HP, Dell,) PC...

ZEPPELINS to replace Goodyear blimps in American skies


blimpy boy!

"Hey there, blimpy boy! Flying through the sky so fancy free"

Fukushima radioactivity a complete non-issue on West Coast: Also for Fukushima locals, in fact


Controlled nuclear fission is a demanding mistress

It's Satya! Microsoft VP Nadella named CEO as Bill Gates steps down


Hail Ants

I, for one, welcome our new Chief Executive Overlord

Winamp is still a thing? NOPE: It'll be silenced forever in December


Well that...

Really whips the Llamas ass...

Gmail, Outlook.com and e-voting 'pwned' on stage in crypto-dodge hack


I just tried to change my outlook password, and it DOES require me to enter the current one in order to set a new one...

Vietnamese madam cuffed after advertising girls on Facebook


Re: I bet it only filters out pink flesh, and largely ignore other shades.

You're probably right... Google "Facebook Elbow Picture"

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working


The other type of Cookies

I use Bakery for my fake profession... People don't have too many follow up questions about Bakery work. Plus, it doubles as an excuse to leave a boring party "I have to be up early tomorrow to start baking things..."

Self-healing chips survive repeated LASER BLASTS



People for the Ethical Treatment of Micro Chips... It's wrong to zap Chips with lasers... They (might) have feelings too!

Apple users: Only Apple can track us! Not Google



Upset about tracking and advertising? Lets start a facebook group for that...

Dead Steve Jobs' mega yacht seized by testy Philippe Starck


Are they sure it was really Steve's yacht? The corners aren't round...

Walmart workers filmed playing iPad frisbee



Watch for falling iPads

Moon was formed when PLANET SMASHED INTO EARTH


I thought Apple invented the moon ??

Chinese man blows off hands, builds new pair


all you need is love

“I control them with movements from my elbows and I can work, love normally and feed myself just like anyone else," he explained.

i know you guys don't like to publish comments about typos, however the bionic hand guy who can "love normally" is really funny and needs to be pointed out. Assuming you meant to type "Live"...

El Reg appoints Special Projects Burro



Parasailing Donkeys make for great publicity... Well, maybe not great publicity, but publicity non-the-less.

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