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MWC: Inscrutable slogans, Google toys and the invisible Apple

Ed Moore

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On mobile content; my first home Internet connection was 64k and I now have 30Mb but the price I pay is about the same. This rule seems to hold true for all components; from chips to memory to monitor sizes. The goal always seems to be to keep getting roughly the same money even while you have to give more for it and the operators are firmly in that position. Capacity increases alone won't help them get more from each individual.

An RCS vendor Sales VP told me it was "the last roll of the dice before carriers give in to the OTT players". He also said RCS was supposed to be big following MWC 2011 but carriers didn't deploy and it's the same message again this year. I do struggle to see just why they are so slow at bringing new propositions to market. The Internet players have a habit of launching a product before saying anything about it, maybe it's just a perception issue?

No Apple don't attend (publicly) but I see no reason though why others shouldn't mention them more, even to illustrate good ideas or problems being caused. Data offload is an issue for carriers but the iPhone moves over to WiFi pretty elegantly, why can't this be copied more? If full web pages cause data issues should more be done by carriers to encourage mobile content owners to adopt lighter page sizes? If video is an issue should CDNs be extended further into the networks themselves? Would co-operation on timing data backups to be done out of hours help? Apple is a good example of where lessons can be learnt, not ignored.



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