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Take your pick: Linux on Windows 10 hardware, or Windows 10 on Linux hardware


Re: Year of the Linux desktop?

>> What's required is an end to the business agreements that force every PC buyer to purchase a Windows license. All Windows' domination flows from that:

Penguin/Mac user here, but that's just not true. It's prefectly possible to buy a PC without a copy of Windows, I bought 6 for a test rig only last month.

What keeps Windows as the main player in corporate environments is the ability to manage hundreds or thousands of machines centrally, using Acive Directory, Single Sign-On, Group Policy and other tools specifically designed by Microsoft for that purpose. There's no equivalent for MacOS or Linux and that's why IT departments keep using MS products. Yes, they're shite, but they're the only shite that does that stuff.

LA Times knocked out, HackerOne slips up and – amazingly – router security still sucks


And the award for the sentence with the least information in it goes to ...

"which may be as little as a few user records or, at worst, our entire database"

Oregon can't stop people from calling themselves engineers, judge rules in Traffic-Light-Math-Gate


Re: Great for this Engineer

As somebody with no engineering qualifcations nor membership of any professional body but who could call himself a software engineer, I take exception to your comment. I am perfectly competent to do my job, if I were not I would not be allowed to continue to do it. I've learned to be an engineer by working as an engineer. I don't need bits of paper with logos on them to prove that to anybody.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter what you call yourself or what your job title is. What matters is your experience and ability - which aren't proven or measured by titles or membership of organisations. I've interviewed plenty of people with proper engineerig qualifications who I wound't trust to find the on-switch on a monitor, and employed several people with no engineering qualifcations to work in jobs with 'engineer' in the title.

Someone else made the pont about public safety, yes in that case qualifications matter. In every other area a job title is just a job title, get over it, it doesn't matter.

Doom at 25: The FPS that wowed players, gummed up servers, and enraged admins


Re: IPX Broadcasts

I worked for a LAN company, part of the official test spec for our network switch was that at least 8 people had to be able to play IPX broadcast Doom across it for an hour. Oh we had fun continually "failing" that test.

2-bit punks' weak 40-bit crypto didn't help Tesla keyless fobs one bit


Re: Problem-solution dichotomy

"being able to remotely release the boot lid is a godsend when returning to the car with hand/armfuls of shopping, suitcases etc, which would make it impossible for you to use a physical key or bootlid release button on the boot itself without first putting stuff down."

Oh! The humanity! I have to put this stuff down! I really don't have 15 seconds spare in my day to do this!

Huawei Mate 20 Lite: A business mobe aimed at millennials? Er, OK then


Too much choice

Does it look like they're just using a scattergun approach to see what sells? Or is this the future - a bewildering array of almost identical kit that requires you to spend far more time than most people care to spend on making a choice? It's only a bloody appliance, just give me one at each price point and I'll decide how much I want to spend. I have friends who have Huwaei phones and like them, but all of them are pissed off after a while when another friend gets an almost identical one that looks "better" in some way for the same price. Not for me, I'm happy to let Apple tell me what features I get. Never use most of them anyway.

Sysadmin’s worst client was … his mother! Until his sister called for help


Tech is not elderly-friendly

Both my parents, now getting on a bit, have Macbooks. Both of them like the '3 finger drag' gesture because they can move things around one handed, and it must be good because they've actually remembered it, unlike the screen zoom or two-fingers to right click, or.. I could go on.

Anyway, the problem is that, with their now shaky hands and reduced motor control, just moving the pointer around the screen often results in 3 finger dragging happening unintentionally and unobserved. 'I've lost an email folder!' is the latest one - yes, you've accidentally dragged it onto another one. Again...

Bless 'em

Mark Duckerberg: Second Congressional grilling sees boss dodge questions like a pro


It's hardly surprising...

... that Zuck doesn't know what the fuck his company does. He's the CEO. I've never worked under any CEO who knows how the company he runs achieves the goals he creates.

How to run a modern business: Set goals, teams create stuff to achieve goals, don't actually understand how it all fis together. Either you get away with it or you don't. Pocket profit. Plead innocence.

'Disappearing' data under ZFS on Linux sparks small swift tweak


This is why we can't have nice things

>> It is much easier for the users to test their systems with the software and report any issues

Of course it's easier. But that doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Badmins: Magento shops brute-forced to scrape card deets and install cryptominers


Re: Brute forced?

>> However, when you're getting to the level of taking online payments using such a product, it SHOULD go without saying that you shouldn't really be doing that sort of stuff without getting it thoroughly checked over by a security expert.

It might go without saying to somebody who knows what they're doing, but plugin do-it-all-out-of-the-box systems like Magento are not aimed at people who know what they're doing. The likelihood is that people install it without knowing there is such a thing as security, or simply assuming that this is a professional thing written by professionals and therefore should already be secure. Personally I do know what I'm doing and I would still expect the latter, because what kind of complete numpty ships an insecure e-commerce package?

Software gremlin robs Formula 1 world champ of season's first win


F1 is about the teams, not the drivers. It's a dick-waving contest, the drivers are just software these days, a tool used to make sure the TV cameras focus on the rolling adverts processing round the track. It's not a sport, it's a business, and it is run like a business - minimal risk, no excitement, and lots of dirty tricks.

El Reg deep dive: Everything you need to know about UK.gov's pr0n block


Re: Seriously...

>> did some weirdo puritans took over the government?



Red Rag to a bull

When I was 15, if I'd come across (pun intended) a site that asked me to click a button to confirm I was over 18, my reaction would have been 'Hell yes, show me the titties!'. Kids who are looking for porn already know they're doing something naughty, what meakes these idiots assume that having to tell a little lie will be any deterrent?

Google can't innovate anymore, exiting programmer laments


41 shades of blue

As anyone who has ever used Google Analytics will tell you, the bar charts and graphs that show different data on the same axes use almost indistinguishable shades of blue to "differentiate" the data sets. Why they couldn't use different *colours* has always struck me as a design decision carried out by management obsessed with branding at the expense of all else.

I'm still working on a proxy to change the css on the fly.

Who's using 2FA? Sweet FA. Less than 10% of Gmail users enable two-factor authentication


Give Google my phone number?

Yeah, right. Fuck off.

Although, because MacOS keeps on bugging me to do it, I did try enabling 2FA for my Apple cloud-thingy-whatever-they-call-it account, (because they've got my phone number anyway after I bought stuff from them) but the code they texted to my phone wasn't recognised, 3 times in a row. So Fuck them too.

Wondering where your JavaScript libs went? Spam-detection snafu exiled npm packages


I don't use it..

.. so maybe this is an obvious question but surely in a sane, well-managed, version controlled development environment, external dependencies would be downloaded and stored locally with the source in a version control system, labelled, and used from there. Otherwise you're in a situation where your critical app depends on something you have no control over. You don't upgrade the external dependencies without a thorough round of testing first. Or is this what's meant by 'agile'. In that you need to be to get away from the angry customers?

UK.gov puts Suffolk 7-year-old's submarine design into production


Re: Art World

He's cross because he didn't get credit for producing all that piss. The artist just took it.

It's a decade since DevOps became a 'thing' – and people still don't know what it means


Re: DevOps is way you organize work

"Unless you have a system already in place that is not devops and that allows you to release frequently and early, test always, and have automated to hell and back, well done, you, sir (or madam) have earned the right to bash DevOps."

I have created 3 such systems from scratch, 2 of them well before anyone had ever uttered the word 'DevOps'. My main failing as an engineer seems therefore to be that I simply regarded that as doing my fucking job properly, when I obviously should have been inventing buzzwords and holding conferences instead.

Intel Management Engine pwned by buffer overflow


our users accountants care about, including features such as secure boot, two-factor authentication, system recovery, and enterprise device management

There' FTFY

Universal basic income is a great idea, which is also why it won't happen


Re: fast forward.

"The only fix is a TRUE free market system. As imperfect as it is, free market has the inherent checks and balances to reward hard work and punish laziness."

A free market system rewards greed and ruthlessness. It punishes those who don't possess those "qualities". In that respect it holds humanity back in the dark ages. The only true way forward is to stop letting money run everything.

TalkTalk sees red after chucking £75m on restructuring bonfire


"Our clear value proposition is resonating strongly against an uncertain economic environment"

What the effing toss does that shit even mean? What kind of lobotomy is required to make people talk like that?

Google, Twitter gleefully spew Texas shooter fake news into netizens' eyes


If a cinema showed 5 seconds of hardcore pornography just after the credits of a PG rated movie, would they be able to use Google's argument too?

Official: Perl the most hated programming language, say devs


Re: Perl's issues are not Perl as such

Your two main issues are the reason I like it. Multiple ways to do control structures along with no single enforced style allows flexibility of structure and style, which when used properly can aid readability and ease of maintenance. Choose the right tool for job, and also the correct attachments. I've never understood this obsession with consistent style, even my solo projects don't have it.

Manafort, Stone, Trump, Papadopoulos, Kushner, Mueller, Russia: All the tech angles in one place


So, er,

... where's Bombastic Bob today then?

Ubuntu 17.10: We're coming GNOME! Plenty that's Artful in Aardvark, with a few Wayland wails


In with one desktop, out with another, I remember when I was using KDE3 and KDE4 was released about 3 years before it was ready. What a pile of shit. I've tried unity and gnome3 since but only out of curiosity because they're shit too. Why don't Ubuntu realise that people just want something they're familiar with that fucking works? Been using a Mac since KDE4 arrived. I pay the Apple tax happily because I can actually be productive.

BT fined £25,000 over second unsafe London roadworks this year


"The aggravating feature in this matter, in my view, is the failure to properly close off the pedestrian crossing close to the work site, which resulted in pedestrians walking freely around heavy machinery."

We can't have have ordinary people walking freely around machinery, what if they accidentally try to eat it? No, it's much better for everybody concerned if we close the crossing and force people instead to dash into oncoming traffic to get across the road. That way when they get hurt, at least they can't blame us.

Yes the regulations are there for a reason, and it has fuck all to do with protecting pedestrians.

Pretend Python packages prey on poor typing


Re: The Real Problem is a Bit More Complicated

..and using a Linux distro's packages doesn't help those of us not using a Linux distro (eg OSX).

Even on a decent Linux distro the real problem is that pip is braindead and often overwrites system packages with incompatible versions of its own devising.

As I recall, ppm was rather good.

Five ways Apple can fix the iPhone, but won't


Re: Sound

@Orv Re sampling rates. I'll bow to your greater knowledge of millennials, but I do know that Spotify only gives you 320Kbit if you're on a paid Premium subscription, and most of my friends' kids listen to everything on YouTube.


Re: Sound

You can argue all you like about the quality of the DACs but when the vast majority of people are listening to 128Kbit MP3 through a shit-cheap pair of earbuds - or even worse, the phone's built-in speaker, it really doesn't matter.

What percentage of people who actually care about audio quality actually expect to get it from a phone?

Massive iPhone X leak trashes Apple's 10th anniversary circus


Re: Iphone owners are in the know

>> Saves a packet of money over the years.

I've never spent more then 75 quid on a phone. Currently got an iPhone 4. It may not make supermodels wet their knickers when I take it out of my pocket, like the poor mug who paid 300 quid for it new probably thought it would, but it still does what it was designed to do. I'm still not sure I understand what this new one will do that mine doesn't, other than shiny bling bling.

Everyone loves programming in Python! You disagree? But it's the fastest growing, says Stack Overflow


Re: Usefulness

>> Except there have been multiple studies that readability of code _matters_

Yes it does. That's why there are different types of brackets used to delimit segments of code in every single other bloody language. It's clear and obvious and any editor worth using will do bracket matching so you can always tell at a glance which block of code you're working in.

Python, especially when you have to follow that ridiculous 80-column rule, might as well be random ASCII in comparison. I loathe it. The fact that it's actually quite useful means lots of people are prepared to overlook that, but it would be so much better if they'd just use some { }.

Google rushes to curb Oreo's massive appetite for your 4G mobile data


Re: You can see how they'd miss this

Er, no, you really can't. At least not if they've got a proper and thorough testing regime in place. Oh, yeah, right, you're right.....

6 hours testing for every 1 hour of development used to be standard. I saw that slowly slipping the other way over a decade ago. These days people just release alphas to the public.

Never, ever, upgrade to version X.0. Always wait for X.3

Twitter is just randomly deleting people's lists – and no one knows why


Re: Give the users a break

>> Great for curating lists of worthwhile people to follow.

You don't need a list for that. One sheet of bogroll would more than suffice.

Facebook's music plans mean you'll never leave Facebook



See title.

Crushed Juicero now officially a fruitless endeavor


Re: "disgruntled investors" ?

Wait what? They're charging money for a machine to get juice out of a carton? I can already do that. I have hands. Did they not realise that?

Fucking hell.

San Franciscans unite to smite alt-right with minefield of doggy shite


Re: Fines?

>>So who exactly are the ones prone to violence? The ones defending free speech? Or the ones determined to stop that free speech by any means, including weapons of mass poo?

I fully support your right to free speech, so long as you also accept my right to throw shit at you if what you shout in the name of free speech is racist, sexist, dogmatic cretinitude.

And no, you can't object or protest when I call you an ignorant shit-eating cretin, because it's my right to do so in the name of free speech.

Go find your petard. I fully expect the sarcasm inherent in the system has gone way over your head.

10 minutes of silence storms iTunes charts thanks to awful Apple UI


Every time I buy a car..

.. the first thing I do I remove the stock "entertainment" system and replace it with the wonderful one I bought 10 years ago from one of those shops that used to exist before this became difficult. It's not hard to do, but it sometimes involves chisels.

Point is, said system does what I want, doesn't annoy me in any way, and still plays my Minidisc collection.

Google and its terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week in full


Re: Now you see

>> How can they be conveniently ignored when most of the population has one of a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Reddit account?

I've got two of those and I was completely unaware that this had happened until I read this article. It's not the sites, it's the bits of them you choose to read.

You do need to develop a rapid mental shit filter to prevent you clicking on obvious crap, but I've not found that difficult to do.

To truly stay anonymous online, make sure your writing is as dull as the dullest conference call you can imagine


Re: I see a market here

>> Something that makes what you say so bland that it can't be identified as coming from you.

It already exists, it's called PowerPoint.

Microsoft: Get in, IT nerds, you're now using Insider builds and twice-annual Windows rollouts


Small Typo

Windows and Office for desktop and notebook PCs will get roughly two updates a year that add features and fix bugs.


'My dream job at Oracle left me homeless!' – A techie's relocation horror tale


Dream Job?

The guy said that working at Oracle was his dream IT job. The guy clearly knows nothing about IT, jobs, or dreams. With that in mind, this total fuckup doesn't seem all that surprising.

Don't panic, but Linux's Systemd can be pwned via an evil DNS query


Re: If THIS isn't a reason to hate systemd...

> Unfortunately, this has been the way with systemd for a while.

> New way of doing things becomes The One, True, Only Way before the

> code is actually fully finished and tested. And, if bugs are found, or

> pre-existing features are removed, it is your fault for trying to do whatever you

> used to do before.

That's not unique to systemd, that's Linux in general. Every time I upgrade my Mythbuntu setup to a new release I have to learn at least one new way of doing something that was working perfectly well before. I think they like to call it progress. I just call it a pain in the arse but it seems unfair to single out systemd alone for that treatment.

Security shield slingers are loving Prez Trump's cybersecurity order


"Threatscape"? "Elastic Attack Surface"? Two phrases coming at you directly from the Twatosphere. Can I take these people seriously? No, probably not.

Y'know CSS was to kill off HTML table layout? Well, second time's a charm: Meet CSS Grid


About Bloody Time

Finally! CSS makes it into the 1990s. What will they dream up next? Combo boxes?

SVN commit this: Subversion to fix file renaming after 15 years


I'm old and...

..tired and don't have the patience to get my head around Git, which seems to do everything backwards and arse-about-face and massively overcomplicates even the simplest tasks. I just want to edit a file and push the result to a repository. SVN does that, I don't have to think about it. Good on 'em for keeping it going, I could learn git, I'd probably think it was better if I did, but life's too fucking short.

Why is the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ project so delayed?


In other news...

... small children in playground have fight, each claiming the other started it.



Apple urged to legalize code injection: Let apps do JavaScript hot-fixes


Re: @FatGerman

Same here. Testing is, unfortunately, seen as an annoyance by developers and a waste of money by management. I've worked with developers who have said "It won't need testing, it'll just work". That, unfortunately, is the prevailing culture.

As for 'minor UI improvements' - they're not so critical as to require a patch mechanism that bypasses all quality controls. I've also seen such 'minor' improvements render entire systems unusable. Never trust a developer who says "It's only a couple of lines of code, it won't break anything".


" Developers are struggling with the ability to continuously improve their apps"

Translation: "There's a lot of shitty code being released that hasn't been tested properly and it needs patching on a daily basis"

Get it right before you ship it and the need for patching will miraculously disappear. That said, in 25 years I never worked for a company that understood that.

Hard numbers: The mathematical architectures of Artificial Intelligence


I'll believe a computer is intelligent when

... I ask it to calculate my tax return and it says "piss off, that's boring".

Splunk: Why we dumped Perforce for Atlassian's Bitbucket of Gits


Re: I really hate GIT

In a former life I made a living automating merging and testing of changes in a company that relied on P4. I, having no previous experience of version control systems, found it very easy to work with and pretty much self-explanatory. I've since tried to use git and simply cannot get my head around it. Nothing I used to find obvious with p4 seems even possible with git.

All that said, I have it on good authority that everything I made a living writing millions of lines of Perl to accomplish, comes as standard with git. But I wonder if any of that is worth the pain of learning it in the first place. I've gone back to good old SVN.


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