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Steve Jobs' death clears way for '7.85-inch iPad prototype'


Re: What a bunch of whiny saddos

As I tried to make clear in my post, I feel ambivalent towards Steve Jobs. I would have posted the same opinion had a similar situation occurred with Steve Ballmer, Linus Torvalds or someone completely unknown.

I am in fact very fond of El Reg's irreverent style, it's what's made me an avid reader for over ten years now.

However, something can be both irreverent and also cheap, and I feel that the some of the language in this article can be viewed as just that. Usually El Reg's authors manage to combine irreverence with wit, and do not have to resort to making a gag out of the fact that someone's died of a serious disease.

I have no problem with El Reg's authors saying things I don't like or agree with. My motivation for posting was that I felt the author had stooped below the usually pretty high standard of humour and writing on the site. It just felt a bit primary school.

Lastly, I'm not sure it's fair to criticise me on the basis of my comment being a 'first post'. Everyone must have a 'first post' in order for there to be any comments at all.



…pretty flippant way to talk about someone dying of a serious disease.

I'm seldom motivated to post comments on articles, but there is something about your choice of language I find pretty distasteful.

I'm all for a robust discussion of Steve Jobs' performance as a CEO and the product decisions he made. He did some great things, he did some really daft things. However, I feel your line about 'being unable to make executive decisions dying due to having died of cancer' comes across as making a cheap gag at the expense of someone having gone through a very terrible experience.

Not cool.



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