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'Fix these Windows 10 Horrors': Readers turn their guns on Redmond


Re: No Control of Updating

You can disabled driver updates.

On Home you cant disable the standard updates which I am totally fine with, I have seen so many home users who have never updated Windows.

On Pro which most power users will be using you can defer the updates for 30 days iirc which is enough time for any issues to be identified and fixed.

Enterprise you can defer for over a year I think.

So really from my point of view I don't see why people see this as such a big thing, 95% of Windows users need forced updates as they will likely not do it themselves leaving there machine vulnerable and a potential risk for other users.


Price-comparison site: OCZ reviews 'questionable'


People seem to have forgotten the whole issue with there memory paid for reviews back in the day, OCZ defiantly has a lot of blots on its record.



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