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SUSE Linux moves to 3.0 kernel with SP2


Can I Haz Release Notes?

Dear Gentle Commentards,

RE: James and Adam "no fsck utilities for it". From the release notes:

"Check and repair functionality ("scrub") is available as part of the btrfs command line tools. "Scrub" is aimed to verify data and metadata assuming the tree structures are fine. "Scrub" can (and should) be run periodically on a mounted file system: it runs as a background process during normal operation.

With the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2, the long awaited "fsck.btrfs" tool is available in the SUSE Linux Enterprise update repositories."

RE: Default filesystem :

Still ext3. The Release Notes from SLES 11 mark the change from ReiserFS to ext3. Nothing in the SP1 nor SP2 release notes indicates any shift away from ext3.

RE: Crazy "Why just a sp?" :

Maybe because the 3.0 version of the kernel is not a major change? Check it out - Linus changed the versioning because he wanted to, not because it marked a significant change in the kernel. But who cares? All of these numbers are made up, arbitrary.





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