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Free Windows 10 upgrade: Time is running out – should you do it?


Re: am i the only one resisting this

Is there a link for a post or blog or article that can describe the Win7 Update mess? I'd like to read about what, if anything, can be done. Win7 Update on a fresh install has failed several times for me.


Aaannnnndddd, what about the OTHER issue - ie: 900lb gorilla in the room? All new CPUs will ONLY run Win 10. They will not boot Win 7. How is this not total collusion between MS and Intel and AMD? How can they get away with this? Why shouldn't you be able to run your older versions on newer processors?! I can't believe that this hasn't generated more buzz here and on other forums!

AMD to nibble the ankles of Nvidia this summer with 14nm FinFET GPUs



AMD, and then AMD/ATI, are the sole reason that PCs are so cheap today. Period. If Intel was the sole provider of x86 chips, there would never have been the vast numbers of cheap machines everywhere!

Scandal-hit Toshiba cutting 7,000 jobs, heads for $4.5bn loss


This Ain't The First Scandal...

Dear Young Tech People,

This is not the first tech scandal to hit Toshiba! Back in the late 80s, Toshiba was found to have sold VERY high-tech milling machines to the Russians, through a Swedish intermediary, along with high tech controller software for making the quietest propellers for nuclear submarines. Now this. Time for them to go bye bye. Shitty computers anyway. Worse than Sony's junk.




There are many other articles on the web about this issue. The Japanese gave the Russians much quieter subs than they would have for decades. And all for the $$$$.

VW’s case of NOxious emissions: a tale of SMOKE and MIRRORS?


Re: I give up

I have begun doing a text copy on finished messages before hitting that tricky "send" button. It's a real pisser when you've crafted your on-point reply, and POOF away it goes, into the aether, never to be created again, because there just isn't enough time in the universe, and that person really isn't worth your your scorn and derision anyway...


Re: 'Greater Good', or emissions trading

Which "US" shysters are you referring to?!

Fanbois: We paid $2000 for full satisfaction but now we have SPREADING STAINS


Re: Staingate?


Windows 7 MARKED for DEATH by Microsoft as of NOW


Leave That !@&%* START Button Alone

We aren't talking about something utterly primitive like Win 3.0 from 1990 that handles hardware, memory, and well ... everything differently. Windows 7 has proven to be a stable, very usable, mostly safe(r), OS than anything else MS has produced. Yes, there is, inexplicably, a 32 bit version being used in large numbers because MS and the hardware vendors did a deal to save a few cents per install sold to sheep who don't understand - well, anything, inside the box. No other good reason exists for it, as all hardware for the past 5-7 years has been x64 compatible. Win 8.1 and the other "compatibility" fixes miss the point: MS taught us where everything was in their OS starting in 19freakin95 with Win 95, Win 98, Win 98 SE, Win XP, Win NT, Win Millennium(gak), Win 2000, Win Vista(urp), and then got it pretty much right with Win 7! Then, in an instant, they took certain parts of it away, hid functionality, got rid of other stuff, and allowed 8 to be used on non-touchscreen devices. If they had kept it ONLY on TS-capable hardware, it would have been fine. It's a pain on conventional HW!! As long as 7 is kept (mostly) safe, that's what I'm going to use!

Riddle of odd bulge found on moon is solved


Re: Why send a man to do a robot's job?

And you were HOW old in July 1969? I was 19. It was the most wonderful thing ever done by mankind. Period.

AT&T dangles gigabit broadband plans over 100 US cities


Re: Att's so full of shit

Amen Brother. AND they make you use their modem/router device. Eff that!


Bring It!!

I'm in Raleigh, NC, where Time Warner Cable provides most people with Broadband. AT&T offers its U-verse service here also, but at slower speeds AND with the requirement that you abandon any router you already have to use their all-in-one box. Many of my friends have tried U-verse, and every single one has returned to TWC due to speed and reliability issues. I have an extensive wired and wireless network in place that I've built to serve my needs at home. I will not use any companies high speed solution if that is a requirement. Hopefully, Google Fiber and this new ATT product will arrive here soon and save us all from the evil monster that is TWC. Lower costs always follow when new players arrive in town.

What is the estimated startup time for both of these systems in terms of infrastructure placement? Are both of them fiber-to-your-house?

Teen girl arrested with 70-year-old man's four inch weapon inside her


And I bet she didn't have a concealed carry permit either...

Brazil's anti-NSA prez urged to SNATCH keys to the internet from America


Re: 'Hating America is a crime'

Hey Trevor, if 6.7B hate us, why are they all trying to come here "for a better life"? That one question and the truth of it, shows how silly-wrong you are. And jealous as hell too! This "artifact" has given you most every tool you use in your pathetic everyday life. Now go whine about it some more in a dank coffee house.

FCC orders wireless carriers to protect customers' call info


Monitoring the Citizens

"the USA has all but got cameras in every room of every house"

No. I live in the US, and we don't. No, really, we don't. Not to say the the NSA might be able to turn on cameras and mikes on some computers sometimes, but they won't be spying on all of the USA in the near future . You Brits on the other hand, have, for the past 30 years or so, walked (or been led - with little resistance ???) down the path to where you ARE the most highly monitored nation on the planet! "They" ARE looking at you almost everywhere you go in the UK with face matching software, and you sheep are letting them enact even more invasive policies. We'll sit here in the USA with our guns (you gave yours up after WWII cause you were TOLD to), and control of the internet, and see how it goes with you and yours...

'You can keep it' - Brit's nicked laptop turns up on Iranians' sofa


They Bought A Stolen Laptop

... and then whined when the rightful owner showed them to the world! Rightful Owner must be stinkin' rich AND brain dead, to not worry about his laptop and all it's contents being on the other side of the world. Can MacBooks Auto-Nuke themselves like iPhones?

Fuck 'em and feed 'em Fish Heads!

... time machine. Iranian Dr Who claims he invented a ...


Re: Professor Pinero ?

See also Arthur C Clark's, "The Light of Other Days". One of the best Time Viewer stories ever!


Re: Interesting

It better be really really really shiny, a la Larry Niven's Stasis Generator field, or it will be vapor after a very little while...


Re: Muad'Dib has arrived!

Excellent Post!

Apple 'insider' explains why vid adapter hides ARM computer


Re: Hahahaha

Oh really? They used the 30 pin port for a long time on damn near everything. Now, they have a new port. That's two, Mr StinkyBritches. Anything prior to that is old school prehistoric.

Mr Sulu causes DDoS panic after posting link on Facebook


The whole thing can be easily fixed with some Bear Skins and Stone Knives. Just ask Sulu to ask Spock about it. Oh, and don't forget to bring home a tote-sack full of vacuum tubes/valves as well, you never know when you're going to need them.


Re: From the article and comments, we can deduce 2 things;

Sadly ... yes. I watched it in all its original-run glory in the late 60s. That makes me ... Early sixties.

UK.gov to double number of biometric chips for immigrants


Re: UK is a sieve - And the USA Is Too

All you have to do is change the letters in the country name, and change the acronyms of the programs, and presto, you're talking about the same problems we have here in the USA because "they" don't really want to stop illegal immigration. It'll be the end of both our countries and societies if it isn't stopped though. The Rule of Law is actually a very good thing.

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