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Panicked WH Smith kills website to stop sales of how-to terrorism manuals

Mr Pogle

I had to give my name and address to buy Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) as a pure white powder rather than fizzy orange tablets. The pharmacist didn't know why but it was "on the list".

Even buying a bottle of meths resulted in me having to verbally declare I wasn't going to drink it. As he put it on the counter I couldn't resist saying "Have you got a cold one from the fridge?"


Microsoft denies report of Office coming to iPad

Mr Pogle

What denial? Their comment (as quoted) is not a denial at all. They have merely said that the article is based on inaccurate rumours and speculation. This in no way is a statement that the article is untrue. Information that is 99% coorect is still "not accurate" and rumour/speculation is not incorrect simply because it is rumour/speculation. The author appears to have fallen for Microsoft's careful wording and presented the message they wanted presented.



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