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systemd row ends with Debian getting forked


Re: Where is the off switch?

Network-manager...every Red Hat course I have attended has included the immortal words:

Red Hat instructor: ...and what do we do with NetworkManager...?

Class: Turn it off!

RH Instructor: That's right - chkconfig NetworkManager off.

Attack of the clones: Oracle's latest Red Hat Linux lookalike arrives


We've just wholesale moved from OEL5 to RHEL6.5

From my experience the support Oracle provides is nowhere near as good as Red Hat and we've had no end of compatibility problems with their UEK kernel (including one memorable issue where the kernel was writing so much debug to the log files it was essentially DOS-ing itself...).

85% of Windows 8 users wield the desktop on day one



Seriously?! It sounds like something you'd get with a My Little Pony or Care Bear not an "enterprise" level OS...

Top admen beg Microsoft to switch off 'Do Not Track' in IE 10


I see no ad's

Thanks to a Reg article many years ago singing the praises of Ad Block Pro.

Virgin Media STILL working on fix for SuperHub corrupt downloads glitch


Put mine into "dumb" mode

I just made my superhub less super by putting it into bridge mode with wireless off. All traffic goes through my RHEL server onto a LAN with a Cisco WAP attached. No download problems, no wireless drops, no problem.

I've always been impressed with the VM cable connection. Their customer service however......had an enjoyable hour trying to explain to their customer service people that "yes I do have cable installed" in our new house, standing next to the connection point with a VM cable modem connected and working, whereas they were adamant the house was not in a cable area...

Apple's iCloud goes titsup, email evaporates for unlucky 1%


The Cloud

"The Cloud" - where all your data is vapour...

Catch it if you can!

You'll be on a list 3 hrs after you start downloading from pirates - study


Re: Not hard to get around...

Cryptography Plausible Deniability (ripped from Wikipedia...)

"In cryptography, deniable encryption may be used to describe steganographic techniques, where the very existence of an encrypted file or message is deniable in the sense that an adversary cannot prove that an encrypted message exists. In this case the system is said to be Fully Undetectable, FUD.

Some systems take this further, such as MaruTukku, FreeOTFE and (to a much lesser extent) TrueCrypt which nest encrypted data. The owner of the encrypted data may reveal one or more keys to decrypt certain information from it, and then deny that more keys exist, a statement which cannot be disproven without knowledge of all encryption keys involved. The existence of "hidden" data within the overtly encrypted data is then deniable in the sense that it cannot be proven to exist."

Apple MacBook Pro 13in



Look into my Apple Logo, look into my Apple Logo, the Apple Logo, the Apple Logo, not around the Apple Logo, don't look around my Apple Logo, look into my Apple Logo...and you're under.

This is actually a fantastic laptop and is rated at 95%

Three, two, one... You're back in the room.

Apple patent may foretell an end to iPhone autocorrect Tourette's

Paris Hilton


You mean just like Swift Key 3 does on Android already?


MoneySavingExpert.com founder flogs website for £87m


Re: Chomping?

Reminds me of the Mongrels episode with Scott Mills:


Napster duo launch Airtime to reinvent videoconferencing


Re: Shame

sed 's/lauch/launch/' - first coffee not kicked in yet!



Read on the BBC that "Sean Parker's Airtime video chat service suffers glitchy launch" so thought I'd pop over here to get El Reg's hilarious take on the less than slick lauch and....nothing!

You lot got shares in this venture or did the BBC over egg the pudding?

Diablo III


Oh for the old days...

...where you could put a Floppy/CD/DVD into the drive and play the game.

No decrypting, no "internet connection required", no login details, no "server too busy" etc etc.

I appreciate some of the reasons for the changes: reduce piracy, stats gathering, trying to squeeze every last penny out of the gamer by offering in-game purchases etc but I really can't be arsed now with all the faff. It also feels like, for £50, you're renting the game for a period of time determined by the publisher (i.e. until such time they decide to turn off the servers). I still like playing the oldies occasionally but I doubt very much that I’d still be able to play Dungeon Keeper 2 had it required a “phone home” to Bullfrog to work…

Samsung shows 'designed for humans' handset


Nice to see...

... a tech product launch where the 50+ year old CEO / "chief technical bloke" looks smart rather than looking scruffy in dodgy jeans and an un-tucked shirt / polo neck...

NHS IT fiasco workers threaten lunch-hour revolt over job cuts


Not to worry...

...the "NHS IT fiasco workers" from CSC can go and do another sterling job over at the MoD with the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA). (http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2012/04/17/hp_loses_mod_payroll_and_pensions_deal_to_csc/)

Clearly past performance is no block to future work...have they been poaching Salespeople from HP (née EDS) as they were the past masters at that?

Oracle extends Linux support to 10 years


Re: Re: Re: RHEL6 & Oracle Products

Not forgetting that the oracle_validated package now has the Oracle UEK kernel branch as a prerequiste...which also has a habit of breaking Oracle's own software!


Ageing Mario blamed for Nintendo's woes


There are some good indy games on the Nintendo eShop

...for example "Go! Go! Kokopolo" & "Mighty Milky Way". It's just no one I know, who has a 3DS / DSi, downloads games for it. Nintendo need to get their finger out and make the eShop more accessible and they might find they have their new "mascot" right under their nose already hidden in the depths of the eShop waiting to be found.

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