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Banksy artwork tops £200k on eBay

John Williams
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White Line

My favourite piece is the thin white line running all the way through London. Follow it to it's source and there's a copper painted on the wall, rolled up £20 note in hand snorting it. Genius.

'Dangerously alluring' Ukrainian joins Bond 22

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Just that - blimey.

Newly-homeless kids get free iPod

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Good on them. The fact they're not capitalising on this give away proves it's just a bit of good will. Plus, a good way of securing loyal Apple customers for generations as an aside...! Either way, good for Apple - genuine good will is hard to come by these days.

Beer set to hit four quid a pint

John Williams

Oh please God no!

If this happens, I'm switching to turps...

Saudi prince blows fortune on A380 'flying palace'

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I feel I should revoke my earlier comments. They're not really a civilised bunch...


John Williams

@ Chris Walker

"The Saudi Royal Family are disgusting. Truly."

Come on Chris... If the Royal Family were that bad, and corrupt, I'm sure probes into their dealings with BAE Systems would have revealed it...

China Mobile connects top of the world

John Williams


I think you'll find 6500 metres is somewhat shy of the actual summit - 8848 metres.

Fossett search 'downgraded'

John Williams

Raheim Sherbedgia - rude and disrespectful

Raheim - how would you feel reading your comments if they related to your father/brother/husband/son etc... Show some sensitvity.

Chinese bloke games himself to death

John Williams

Welcome Americans

Spot the American post...

Bachelor Party

Buddies (sic)


Paris Hilton says jail term has changed her

John Williams

No more

I understand that a lot of news stories you publish are not IT related but are just too good to ignore. However, and I think I echo most readers sentiments here, we are not interested about Paris bloody Hilton. Writing anything about her just lowers yourself to the level of Hello and OK type trash. Please stop...

Online games turn British man into hero

John Williams


I bet he wishes he hadn't done it considering the pain he'll now be in. I bet he's in hospital thinking how stupid he's been.

Despite all this, what he did at the time was the right thing. If more people challenged criminal and anti-social behaviour we'd be living in a much safer country.

The poster who reckons he should have just gone about his own business is merely trying to hide the fact that he knows that, faced with such a situation, he'd have run off, not helped. Cowardly to criticise for what you could not have done.

Teen embeds car in Edinburgh basement

John Williams

Chav nav?


Chav nav is more accurately described as the small black, wrist-watch like device chavs (or neds) wear aorund their ankles which ensures they are home for 8pm each evening.



Nintendo Wii

John Williams


Geeks make me laugh. They literally salivate while forecasting the end of the PS3!

Do you really think that Sony haven't got a trick up their sleeve if they're planning to release the PS3 so much later than Nintendo and Microsoft release their rival consoles? Or do you think that you are the almighty one who has an inside track and that the Sony execs are going to read your simplistic comment and quake in their boots?



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