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Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest password was 'dadada'


> I rather suspect that he didn't place all that much importance on his twitter and pinterest accounts and just used a throwaway password on them.

I would have thought it was a deliberate statement about Zuckerberg's trust of and belief in the worth and security of rival services.

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop


Yeeha indeed

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the case, it's clear to me that the father is a complete twat.

I would expect the daughter might be less hurt by the mindless vandalism (even if it is worryingly violent), than by his lack of shame in advertising his twattishness to YouTube viewers. You don't have to sympathise with her much to (a) wonder if he would ask a son to make coffee; (b) develop your own prejudice against using a redneck to work as an "IT professional" (particularly one inclined to spend ~$150 on proprietary software for a single machine before trashing it).

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