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Nokia opens Maps to rivals, flogs uber-budget €15 phone


Re: Nokia NEVER learn

If that's too difficult for you I wonder how you even managed to register here. It's quite simple. They release them out of numerical order to fill in the most important (to their minds) price points first. If you want a Lumia now you have a choice betwen the low end 520 or 620, mid range 720 or 820 or flagship 920. That's 5 phones getting better in numerical order. Let me go to GSM Arena and choose a Galaxy, should I get...

Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Young

Galaxy Fame

Galaxy Express

Galaxy Xcover 2

Galaxy S II Plus

Galaxy Grand i9082

Galaxy Grand i9080

Galaxy Axiom

Galaxy Stratosphere II

Galaxy Discover

Galaxy Pop SHV

Galaxy Premier

etc, etc, etc, etc, etc

I did this as a joke, I didn't even expect there were half that many. Sorry, Nokia has 5 phones and it's obvious the differences and price points, Samsung is a mess (a very successful mess).

Dutch retailer spills Nokia 910 beans


You say yourself Win7.5 doesn't need dual core then you go on to bash it for not having one? Make your mind up.

No it doesn't need it, it would just be a waste of power and battery life, the phone will more than likely run smoother than any Android phone even with dual core and cos of the lower spec will be cheaper as well.

Phones just aren't quite at the level of computers yet and except for the occasional game really don't need dual core. It's coming though and I agree with you that this phone is a bit of stop gap with Win8 round the corner, that's a dilemma Nokia will just have to live with.


Symbian was alas going nowhere, they needed to switch. Licensing iOS is never an option and Android they'd be an also ran. Nokia have more style than Samsung/Sony and at least on a par with Apple. Fun - they don't quite have the same amount of apps yet, but tying in with xBox and win8 on the horizon that situation will soon be reversed. Hardware flexibility, pretty locked down right now, though I don't think anyone but tech heads care too much about screen res - the current phones look fine to most eyes.

I don't think Nokia and Windows Phone can compete on every level right now, once Windows Phone 8 devices come out they will, but for now they still do enough elegantly that I think most people would enjoy one if they had it. Well, i'm eagerly awaiting this 900/910 anyway.


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