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IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop

James Edgar

If humanity took the 'an eye for an eye' approach we would have wiped each other out by now. If this man is supposedly a father, should he not rise above the comments his daughter has made rather than publically retaliate under the guise of teaching her a lesson?

This man's total lack of emotional intelligence and failure to understand his daughter's inexperience should be treated with positive stimulus rather than nuclear fallout is perhaps symbolic of the ignorant general populous.

Imagine if your significant other resolved to air every dispute on Youtube. Imagine how much better that wouldn't make the situation. It's all very jeremy kyle.

In addition, no one is saying his daughter has any right to complain about doing chores, but it doesn't seem like corporal punishment is a way to motivate someone either.

James Edgar

This man is a failure.

His daughter is a child, not an adult. This would explain why she doesn't value money or responsibility yet. She needs to be nurtured and supported in a loving environment during her transition to adulthood. No doubt she will one day look back and realise she was wrong, but she also needs to value the fact that her family tolerated it at the time, despite them making it clear it was unacceptable. This would be a lesson on life - civilised society requires us to understand that we are individuals with different viewpoints but ultimately the same interest to co-exist in synergy.

This oppressive approach to parenting, and the obvious grasping at straws to maintain his superiority complex will not earn him the respect of his daughter, and ultimately will alienate her further.

She will be a figure of ridicule when she goes to college, and a target for bullies. "You're dad's a gun toting apathetic jerk!" comes to mind.

On top of this; he clearly states that he doesn't know if his daughter will see the video. From the other content on his account, he's social media savvy. Is he using the issue with his daughter to bolster hits on Youtube as a PR stunt? That is the act of a truly despicable individual.

There are many other points I'd love to make, but I can't post an essay on here. This man should be a genetic cul-de-sac. End.

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