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Apple tells staff to 'capture' iPad 3s with Wi-Fi troubles


Re: Can't knock customer service

Unfair, unfair! Cry foul! Yes, Jobs made some arrogant cracks about holding it wrong... but he also made smart points about other smartphones being similarly affected... and they moved pretty quickly to provide bumpers, $ back, etc.

Similarly, with the price drop on the original iPhone.

Plus, under Jobs's reign, Apple customers routinely could return products out of warranty or broken ones (e.g., dropped iPhones) to Apple stores--and get FREE replacements.

So, I think you owe the late, great Jobs an apology! :)


Analyst: no 7in tablet at iPad 3 launch


Another Jobs pulls a rabbit out of the hat...brilliant, not clumsy!

Was this a classic case of Steve Jobs' mis-direction? Knocking a 7" while it was in the works to put the other companies off stride?

Would it fit in a pocket? Doubtful, but if it had solid (decent) protection and could be tossed into a backpack, it'd sell millions!

To the person who wrote that the iPad has a "clumsy" form factor, you really are one of the few in the world who thinks so! Millions have bought it and millions of others have bought 10" Android tablets. Not clumsy at all. What is clumsy is lugging around a laptop and all of its paraphenalia!



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