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Amazon triples profit to $11.2bn, pays ZERO DOLLARS in corp tax – instead we pay it $129m

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Ummmm nope.. VAT, in all its incarnations, is a surplus tax on a transaction paid by the consumer, and passed on to the state by the company providing the goods/service/tat.

It has nothing to do with profit, gross or net. It's the State skimming off their bit of cream from the pie.

El Reg eyes up Article 13 draft leak: Will new Euro law give Silicon Valley more power? Some lawyers think so

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"Few publishers are gagging to be able to reprint most of the books from the 1920s. Not many are wanting to re-release many of the recordings of the 30s or 40s. Most of the films haven't weather the years well either."

You're looking at it the wrong way... Want to make a movie/derivative work of a book/short/novella from the 1920's? Cough up, we have the rights ad perpetuam.... Want to use that catchy 40's tune in a movie, or do a cover as a band? Cough up, we have the rights ad perpetuam. Want to make a reboot/remake of a classic movie? Cough up, we have the rights ad perpetuam.

It's not re-printing/issuing the rights holders are interested in. They are waiting for someone else to go through the hassle after sometimes more than a century, then send in the Lawyers.

iPhone price cuts are coming, teases Apple CEO. *Bring-bring* Hello, Apple UK? It's El Reg. You free to chat?

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Re: £832.50, not £999

Ummm... You look at the prices for business contracts/sales?

Given that VAT is often deductible for business expenses, outfits that cater to businesses habitually quote the price without VAT ( usually with the VAT-included in smaller print ). Pretty easy to make comparisons if you know where to look.

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt

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Re: Needs a local agent

No need for even that.. the Benelux has a ..Career.. in letterbox companies perfectly suited for this kind of thing. It's trivial in cost and effort for a company to set up a subsidiary solely for the purpose of a redirection web address if you have to comply with "local presence" rules.

For private citizens... Nothing stops you from transferring/buying a dot-EU at one of the cheapo EU website hosters that hold your registration for you. Could go as low as 20 euro a year for a minimum package, and if you're just redirecting there's no way you'd run out of allotted bandwidth.

Really not that hard.

US government charges two Chinese spies over jet engine blueprint theft

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"The US Justice Department has charged two Chinese spies with stealing jet engine blueprints through a series of online hacks over the course of five years."

And no-one caught on in that time? Someone(s) has not been earning their Daily Bread....

Want to roll like one of the biggest minds in physics? Prof Stephen Hawking's wheelchair is up for auction

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Re: Chariot of a gifted mind


As reported before in this here tabloïd rag, that particular chair is a one-off entirely and only suited to the late Big Brain. It needs a proper specialist to even maintain it. It should be completely unsuited for anyone else, unless modified beyond recognition past its original purpose. Which would be defeating the point of putting it up for sale as a Curiosity.

Would I buy it? Nope.... Would it "aid" anybody besides Hawkins? Doubly Nope....

I ship you knot: 2,400-year-old Greek trading vessel found intact at bottom of Black Sea

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Re: Leave it there @ pascal monett

Current archeological practice is to leave things as much in place as possible, if possible. Which is the case here.

The thing is that archeological technology, especially the underwater bit, is still rapidly developing. This means that we can always revisit the site with more accurate equipment in a decade or so, and get much better data on a site that's mostly undisturbed. Between GPR and sonar we can already visualise things that required actually digging up stuff two decades ago. Give it another decade or two, and we can have a much better look at the thing.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave me tea... pigs-in-blankets-flavoured tea

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Re: Christmas is essentially Page 71 of the Brand New Monty Python Bok

@ hplasm "techno polka bagpipe music! "


There you go... ;)

Cambridge Analytica's daddy pleads not guilty to ignoring data notice

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ah.... blahblah Ltd..

Which means there's still no real people involved, the shell can simply Fold, and the asshats still Walk.

And yes (after instapost failed) , dear moderator... Asshat is a word, and should be used.

Icon not available, because that is deemed... impolite.

Decoding the Chinese Super Micro super spy-chip super-scandal: What do we know – and who is telling the truth?

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My biggest problem with Kieran's article, is that it definitely needs the Touch of an Editor, because there are three sections with Purpose Creep.

"Cleverly" written, attributable to "condensing", but ultimately Really Bad Language.

Given the report, there will be an army of BOFH's ripping out MB's and minutely inspecting them, so we'll know soon enough. But K. is guilty of "tendentious reporting" , to use the polite European term.

Dutch cheesed off with Russians, expel four suspects over chemical weapons Wi-Fi spying

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Credas, that point has been made about the Dutch Intelligence Service. Speculation was, and frequently still is, that they're not the bunch of ....welll.. You prolly get the point.

What surprises me is that they actually managed to get into the limelight. Not their usual M.O.

Whose line of attack is it anyway? Cyber-assault whodunnits harder than ever to solve

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Here's the thing... Nowadays "Hacking" has two distinct levels: script kiddies, and " they're digging where?!! "

Now I'm a 100% believer in the levels of autism and OCD ( besides , y'know, actual aptitude and knowledge) you need to actually find deeply buried flaws. But you're not going to tell me that people that can and find and utilise these holes and work for a "state actor" leave enough footprint to identify someone easily.

Easy to point at NORK or Russia. Any of the 5 Eyes is, of course, completely innocent, would not dare, the sheer thought, etc..

Day two – and Windows 10 October 2018 Update trips over Intel audio

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I simply stick to 7.

But hey .....Troglodite and all...

Brit startup plans fusion-powered missions to the stars

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Re: Interstellar fuel

actually, the stories about the generation ships were pretty clear where the fuel ( and food) ultimately came from....

Redshirts ahoi!!

The ink's not dry on California'a new net neutrality law and the US govt is already suing

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Only if you count Silicon Valley...

And I do remember a kerfuffle or two about "some" companies formally residing in CA, but being dead-set about being taxed like actually residing in CA ( or anywhere else, for that matter...) . Let's start with the Alphabet, and work down the letters....

The rest of CA can't even manage to pay for its roads..

New theory: The space alien origins of vital bio-blueprints for dinosaurs. And cats. And humans. And everything else

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Re: Earthly origins

Phosphates aren't very water soluble, but that isn't really a problem for basic biochemistry, given that all energetic processes where phosphor is involved ( which are quite important ones ) do not use phosphate, but phosphoric acid.

Which is quite readily soluble in water, and readily formed near, say, the highly acidic environment near an underwater volcano. Which, surprise!, even to this day supports life based on purely anaerobic chemotrophic mechanisms.

People do tend to forget that Early Earth, when life started, was a bit....different... in ecology than nowadays.

That scary old system with 'do not touch' on it? Your boss very much wants you to touch it. Now what do you do?

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yeah... and you end up being the one having to live with the things SAP cannot do/accomplish, or which they claim can do , but only after [insert serious amount of dosh] for which there is no budget left, because SAP ate it all already.

And don't forget, you're dealing with actual functionality that is gone, and will not be replaced...ever.

Cisco sneaks hardcoded secret root backdoor into vid surveillance kit

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Re: "yet governments seem only to ban Chinese kit "

oh, they might share them... Just not with anyone affiliated with the Orange Monkey.

US State Department confirms: Unclassified staff email boxes hacked

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Black Helicopters

I don't buy this....

Not that there's been a breach.... Obviously so...

But I cannot believe that with the US state being so triggerhappy to deem everything "Classified" , there is such a rare beast as a "Unclassified Employee" in the entire US government ecosystem.

Go pull the other one..

Biz! Formerly! Known! As! Yahoo! Settles! Data! Breach! Cases! To! The! Tune! Of! $47m!

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Oh.. it will... But I'd bet the remains of Yahoo! will be about the last to hit that particular stage, given that its footprint in Europe has always been negligible at best.

Now if you're talking Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, several bank and insurance conglomerates .... Only a matter of time...

Microsoft: Like the Borg, we want to absorb all the world's biz computers

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Re: Testing

"Presumably the same way it is now. By deploying to test systems first."

Indeed, plenty of test systems after all... Late on payments... Having apps installed not approved by Borg™... Highest bidd...errmm.. "strategic test deployment"..

plenty of options once you've got them by the balls...

Linux kernel's Torvalds: 'I am truly sorry' for my 'unprofessional' rants, I need a break to get help

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Re: That's right Linux community... bend over...

"Provided that they’re not spoiling your day by telling you that you’re living your life wrong,"

Which is exactly what they are doing... but hey..

You know all those movies you bought from Apple? Um, well, think different: You didn't

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Re: not yours

Actually, at least here in Europe, you can legally make copies for private use.....

Not that the copyright hounds like that law and try everything they can to erode that right, or try and make you believe you're having kittens for breakfast if you dare to...

But yes, you can, at least here in Flatland.

Apple in XS new sensation: Latest iPhone carries XS-sive price tag

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Re: Doubling down on stupid prices too


Does it shoot laser beams, and can I attach it to a shark?


Bugger off then....

SAP slaps down Teradata's 'trade secret' sueball with sick burn

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Re: I'd side with Teradata on this one

You mean: "Just like SAP" ?

Lyon for speed, San Francisco for money, Amsterdam for fun: the best cities to be a techie

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in Amsterdam no one needs a car.

In Amsterdam the ability to park your car is a first-tier luxury....

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Re: Any Reg readers living in Amsterdam right now?

1) Yes.

2) Ultimately, yes. Although in "Tech" it entirely depends on the type of job you're looking for, and company policy. Generally speaking, most anglophones find it hard to actually learn proper dutch, because every other cloggie will try out their english on you...

3) & 4) No, contracts must be in dutch. Translations are generally available though. For a fee of course...

5) Cost of living... That's so broad the "do your own research" flag comes up.

Judge bars distribution of 3D gun files... er, five years after they were slapped onto the web

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you must be...

Utterly bonkers or desperate to even consider combining 3D-printing and explosives....

Icon for end result.

Surprise! VAT, customs likely to get a bit trickier in a Brexit no-deal world

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Re: This Train Wreck is getting interesting

"You puts [sic] tarriffs on things to increase the cost of imports and protect your own industry."

Of which the UK got preciously little left to begin with......

Grikath Silver badge

Re: "selected group of importers"..given access to make "certain types" of declarations,

A number of financial services have already opened up shop in Amsterdam...

Any cloggie worth his/her salt is anywhere from well-versed to fluent in english, and quite often also in a major secondary and/or tertiary language. Translation/intermediary services in almost any imaginable language are readily available, if you're not too fussy about "appearance" there's a ton of office space vacant, and you're sitting right on top of two fat international digital pipes, one of which goes straight to London.

What's not to like?

As porn site pounds hard on piracy laws, Cox pulls out prematurely

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the internet is for.....


IBM slaps patent on coffee-delivering drones that can read your MIND

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Re: Judging from the pictures...

It's missing the guy with the accurate ballistic weapon....

Mine's the one with the slingshot in the inner pocket...

Internet overseer continues wall-punching legal campaign

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Re: "Nothing [..] enabled the Applicant to foresee the Appellate Court's reasoning,"

I do believe there is just such a provision if I remember correctly. Something about a verdict "with prejudice" , which means the applicant is no longer allowed to pursue the case any further. There was a Reg article a bit back which dealt with just such a case, I believe.

There's a good chance ICANN is heading that way... German courts are not very forgiving...

Your Phone prematurely ejected, Skype texting on the way, and 900 more years of Windows

Grikath Silver badge

Skype texting

Wouldn't that devolve to Sexting pretty soonish?

Now you can tell someone to literally go f--k themselves over the internet: Remote-control mock-cock patent dies

Grikath Silver badge

Buzzystuff with RF control ..... check.

Buzzystuff using Bluetooth ..... check.

Buzzystuff using 3G/4G ..... check.

What do you mean.. "the first" ?

Grikath Silver badge

Re: "Industry site SexTechLaw"?

Not so niche when you look at the stats....

Worldwide turnover for sex toys is approxed at $20 billion for 2015, expected to rise to some $30 billion in 2020. And that's just the wiggly-buzzy stuff. Not even the rest of the mass-produced apparel used in the many, many fetishes that are so far documented. Note that the US is a major consumer of the stuff.

So yeah, if you can lock down a slice of the pie using the notoriously ...insane... US patent system, you're in the money. Not a chance of it in Europe, or most other places, but in the US.... ohboy...

So not so niche after all....

Kids are more likely than adults to submit to peer pressure from robots

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Is this the new kind of "research" , which just like US "patents" simply add "by a [current fad technology] " to things that are already well established?

Kids are easily manipulated. It's a given. We call desireable * manipulation education and upbringing. We call the undesireable Bad Influence. Whether that manipulation is done by parents, teachers , the media, or their own age group is irrelevant.

So really... should we be impressed by this because it's published in Science, or simply dump it with the rest of the modern *ahem* research done in social sciences.

* given your flavour of mores, $deity, and personal fetishes.

Drama as boffins claim to reach the Holy Grail of superconductivity

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Well... wouldn't call it room temperature as well, but superconductivity at that temperature range would mean you could keep things cold with dry ice, which is dead cheap and quite easy to handle...

Mind... with all the funny business this doesn't look good... ah well...

Google bod wants cookies to crumble and be remade into something more secure

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"and several people have pointed out that large companies like Facebook, which rely on cookies to give them endless access to user data, are unlikely to be excited about the idea of restrictions on what they can currently do."

Given that the guy's Boss is just as bad in tracking stuff as FB and the like, I doubt that Google/Alphabet will be too happy with this concept of "limitation" as well.....

When's a backdoor not a backdoor? When the Oz government says it isn't

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Re: Baud rate

"Is the Oz government intent on making all Aussies into criminals?"

Whelp.... Once upon a Glorious Time, the Oz population consisted of Good Citizens ( under martial law) , Convicts ( under martial law ) , ex-Convicts ( under martial law if the Good Citizens felt like it ), Outlaws ( automatic death sentence ) and Savages ( who didn't count ) .

It seems that in the past decades the Ozzie government is doing its damnedest to recreate that state of affairs. For the Good of the People , of course.

OpenAI bots thrash team of Dota 2 semi-pros, set eyes on mega-tourney

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EVE Online.. Standard Tournament rules. And no "limiting options".

Between the full 3D environment, fitting choices/tactics, target strategy, and sheer flexibility you need to do well in that, there's not enough clusters in the world to run a Tournament team on AI.

Grikath Silver badge

limited options...

So, basically, the AI still had to cheat to win.... Some "victory"...

Click this link and you can get The Register banned in China

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Re: Just to be helpful:

Yogi and Boo-Boo would run into the censorship hammer for being anti-authorian...

Facebook deletes 17 accounts, dusts off hands, beams: We've saved the 2018 elections

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So the Lies and Bigger Lies are only spread through the proper Party-Controlled channels...

"Would you like to know more?" ...

The Solar System's oldest minerals reveal the Sun's violent past

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Re: Irradiation in the early solar system


There's a very good chance the very young Sun would have "pulsed" several times before the total mass of hydrogen would have enveloped the core and ....effectively shut in ands shielded the nuclear furnace.

Think of something several times the size of Jupiter achieving critical mass, but not yet having the local gravity well to keep things contained.... BIG bada-Booom....

Shouting lager, lager... Carlsberg's beer AI can now tell pilsners apart

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I think you're referring to Heineken "export".

You can't get proper Heineken outside of the Netherlands....

Even then Heineken itself, over here, is considered ...the Lesser of Choices.. So you're still not missing out.

Two-factor auth totally locks down Office 365? You may want to check all your services...

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This all may seem obvious, but apparently people are being stung by it.

The one thing not clear from the article, outside the thinly veiled sarcasm, is whether these were cases of IT not closing down legacy stuff after migration, case (a) because beancounters being beanies and refusing to fund such an obvious measure, or said Managers being ...well....managers... and clicking Linkies they shouldn't have.

makes a difference...

AI augments humans to lead them through the (protein) crystal maze

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Re: Folding@home ?

Folding@home tackles a different beast: protein folding itself.

This article describes a method to aid in the other type of grunt work: the crystallisation of proteins into stable crystals that can be used for structural research. Spotting the things once and *if* they form can be a bit of a biatch.

Geoboffins spot hundreds of ghost dunes on Mars

Grikath Silver badge

whelp... Going by the source, there should be a high concentration in the larva channels mentioned in the article...

Imagine a patent on organizing computer files being used against online shopping sites. Oh, it's still happening

Grikath Silver badge

Re: Oh for the love of...

not quite...

It's a database with #hashtags...


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