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Liftoff! SpaceX Falcon 9 lifts Dragon on third resupply mission to ISS


And now even better news!

F9 First Stage Landing

Data upload from tracking plane shows first stage landing in Atlantic was good! Flight computers continued transmitting for 8 seconds after reaching the water. Stopped when booster went horizontal. Several boats enroute through heavy seas...

SCRUBBED: Technical oopsies halt SpaceX's bid for the Money Ring


Shame it didn't go ahead tonight, but it was the right call, and the webcast gave a great insight into the abort , recycle, and safing procedures, as well as the management of the launch window with multiple attempts. One note, you forgot to change this bit back:

The second stage, with just a single Merlin rocket engine, then fired off two burns to get the satellite to the desired altitude.

Bung a tenner to a mate's mobile number with new Barclays app


I tried to register as a non-Barclays customer, but the 1p payment into my account doesn't have any reference on it...at least I'm 1p up! Get in! ;)

SpaceX successfully tests SuperDraco rescue rockets


@Matthew 17

Really? The links at the bottom of the page, <insert favourite search engine here>, or even the Space section of El Reg is your friend...sod it, even just typing in spacex.com would do the trick!

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