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Scottish council muzzles 9-year-old school dinner photo blogger

Climbing Kid


U-turn announced on Radio 4 world at one by the council.

Good news!


Brit student locked up for Facebook source code hack

Climbing Kid

Would this really have got this far had it not been a big business involved? Sentencing seems extreme; jail time for suspected hack with no malicious intent.

In other news, the UK lets suspected terrorists out to walk the streets because we cannot jail or deport them! Our government cannot bang up criminals yet big business do just fine.



Obama washes hands of O’Dwyer piracy extradition case

Climbing Kid

You made me register - This "Brit" is really cross!

@Daedalus: I think you are missing the point. No one is attempting to trounce your precious constitution - just that we do not expect our extradition agreements, put in place to protect us from terrorism, to be exploited for trivial "suspected" piracy allegations. Neither do we take kindly to America's attempts to rule the world - you guys revolted in 1760 as I remember when we tried it ;-)

Naff all to do with your constitution and everything to do with your flawed political system that has undoubtedly allowed big business to lobby and misuse these laws for their own purposes - to resist change, control the internet and protect their flawed business models to make as much profit as possible. Seems to me it's about money - nothing else.

In the UK we have pretty strict laws on littering you know - I personally cannot wait for us to begin extradition proceedings against those responsible for littering our airwaves with all your $hite TV! (Anyone remember Joanie loves Chachi - that has to be extraditable! )



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