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VINYL is BACK and you can thank Sonos for that


Vinyl, pah! I say bring back shellac and 78rpm!!!

Windows 10: One for the suits, right Microsoft? Or so one THOUGHT


Waiting for something worthwhile...

I haven't seen anything in all the Windows X hype worth spending additional money on. I currently use mostly W7 and W8. I get many BSODs a day with W8, so W7 is still my favourite and W8 offers nothing extra anyway.

I have installed Classic shell for years, so all my PCs look like something between W2K and W7, wherever possible.

I run Libre office, so have no use for other MS bloatware. In fact the only reason I use MS is that I have to. Most of the CAD and other SW I use runs only on it.

Middle England's allotments become metric battlefield


Just took a look at the Reg units, but the page has no comment section, so porting here...

Volume is severely lacking many measurements, including all the standard beer, wine and spirit volumes like pint, dram, Firkin, Methuselah, Jeroboam, etc. Noting that barrels seem to also be a standard unit which is completely different wherever you go. Another colonial volume measurement which seems to cause confusion throughout the world is the cup.

Some other commonly used measurements of length and area seem to be cricket pitch, tennis court etc. I suspect that in the colonies, baseball pitch, ice hockey pitch and basketball court are likely to be in common use too!

Satisfy my scroll: El Reg gets claws on Windows 8.1 spring update


IMO, 1 of 2 separate UIs, should be selectable on installation, or reconfiguring, touch UI with 'modern' apps or traditional UI.

I have been using Windows 8 since it came out, since it was a very cheap way to upgrade my old Windows XP. however I use none of its 'modern' features.

As soon as I installed it, I installed 2 other applications, 7+ Taskbar tweaker and Classic shell. With these, my W8 can look like any old flavour of Windows, so I continue to get the Windows 200 experience, although it is W8 under the hood.

I have NEVER used any of the Modern features of W8, and never expect to unless I get a W8 tablet and I am not sure why I would ever do that, considering the alternatives.

Your Flying Car? Delayed again, but you WILL get it, says Terrafugia


Hybrid vs bigger engine

I still have no idea why battery - motor - generator / IC engine hybrid vehicles are seriously proposed, except to get the hybrid buzzword into investment proposals.

A bigger generator, high power electronic control circuitry, motors, heavy duty wiring, battery weight, all add up to a huge weight addition in comparison to adding a couple of extra cylinders to an IC engine, or a slightly larger gas turbine.

Gas turbines are not fuel efficient, in fact they are the opposite, but they weigh so little compared to their power output, that they are popular on aircraft.

Powerful, wallet-sized Raspberry Pi computer sells out in SECONDS


Why was this a surprise

Fantastic device, but typical UK academia. Why were they surprised?

They are selling a powerful development board at a price that undercuts EVERYONE.

At that price point even professional developers will buy a handful of them to use in lab equipment etc. Even bigger companies will use them for test equipment as internal development costs are so high, etc. etc.

Not to mention, there are millions of geeks out there for whom $35 is small change and they will want one even if it ends up in a drawer, having been hardly used.

Similarly, the price point is so low that it is within the 'throwaway' bracket. I.e. it can be bought by the curious, with no significant risk, even if they never use it.

I think they have done a great job, but I am old enough to remember the supply problems in the early 80s home computer revolution. This caused some manufacturers to go bust when they eventually oversupplied but the technology had by that time moved on.

Lets hope that the 6 years development time of the original is not reflected in follow on products.

Met Office cuts off Linux users with new weather widgets


Make yourself heard

If you want to be heard about AIR on Linux, go to the Adobe site and make a suggestion.


There are already requests for resumption of AIR development on Linux, so you can just dig / promote them.

Maybe Adobe will eventually listen if enough Linux users do it. Better than just whinging elsewhere where they will definitely take no notice.

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