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Microsoft notices Xbox gamers actually slack-jawed TV fans, adds 43 new apps

Big Brother

A £40 per year Xbox live membership is miles better value than £11 for sky multiroom. My stepson still plays all the games he used to and for the same amount of time, but now he also watchers an hour or so of Sky which over a week easily clocks up more hours than gaming. No other subscription required as we already have Sky and Sky Go is free. Even better is that his dad has the sky sports package, so he can switch accounts when a football match is on he wants to watch (which seems to be every match) and I get to watch the rugby :-)

iPad 3 launch news pushes Apple shares to $500bn high


Re: Re: Errm...

I think they would be more likely to buy iRaq or iRan

Overclockers UK swallowed by private equity firm Afinum


they have no concept of the distance selling regulations that's for sure.


Hope they improve their cusotmer service. Every time in the last 10 years I used them they screwed up then breached my consumer rights, haven't yet bought anything from them that didn't involve trading standards

New sat data shows Himalayan glaciers hardly melting at all


The problem with extrapolating data from only select or small samples is you exaggerate any errors in that data. Before more countless billions of dollars and lives are laid down in the name of climate change they need to start making their science more water tight

Ocean currents emerge as climate change hot-spots


I always find it funny that people who believe in climate change chose to refer to sceptics in derogatory manners while not actually attempting to counter their views.

Want a good example of an idiot? Try some one who is happy to watch millions of people live and die right now in poverty and squallor because the already developed west refuses to allow them to develop using the same industrial technologies they them selves used because they believe by doing so they MAY prevent something that MAY happen in the future.

Ex-staffer: Apple assigns new workers to made up projects


Cloak and Dagger

Apples cloak and dagger doesn't stop there. At a recent tech seminar named "Deploying iPhone and iPad in your business" the Apple SE's refused or were unable to give any details of future releases or product road maps. That's fine for regular consumers, but if Apple wants to expand in to propper enterprise business like their inclusion of exchange support and WPA2 enterprise encryption implies then they are going to need to rethink their ways of doing business. Not enterprise company in their right mind would spend $100,000's on a system which they don't know which way it is heading.


Apples cloak and dagger doesn't really lend itself to the business IT market. I was recently at a tech seminar called deploying iPad and iPhone in your business. However they refused to provide any details or roadmaps of future projects which from a business point of view makes them a very unattractive proposition. Unfortunatly for IT managers many companies end up supporting Apple devices because senior management buy them in because of their image only later on to find out their huge cost of ownership and lack of business level support. If Apple are interested in getting themselves into the enterprise business market like the inclusion of exchange support indicates, then they are going to need to change their methods.


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