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Chip start-up could ignite Blade PCs


Hey guys, a better solution already exists !!!

The problem with blade PCs is that you keep most of the hardware and software potential issues...That's why I prefer a virtualisation solution: you keep your virtual machines on a secure, redondant and powerful server...and you can dynamically allow them more or less ressources, move them, etc...I heard that NEC launched several months ago that kind of solution ("Virtual PC Center"). I found thanks to my best virtual friend (Google) that in fact it is based on a server hosting virtual PCs: each user connects to his virtual machine from a tiny thin client that has a magical embedded chip. The virtual machine sends compressed data to this chip, so that it can even display HD quality video. And this embedded chip has a hardware-based VoIP capability too. So, I do not see what Teradici's innovation is...

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