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Assange fails to make skipped bail arrest warrant vanish

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Good points. Absentia? Not really. Else how then would they be able to excise their premeditated "he escaped" cover up in lieu of his most certain extraordinary rendition, come the moment he steps outside the embassy?

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Re: bit of an ass

You missed something. That being the entire history of how Assange got to where he is.

How convenient , as you say, truth is you know nothing, yet sadly a comment is dispensed anyway.

Because these anti Assange comments show no insight beyond the most recent event being the bail predicament, many are left taking them at face value which is clearly the intent of the mass postings. The ignorance shown in these comments arouses the strongest suspicion as their very legitimacy. So one can only hope the proportion of ignorance displayed within these comments is not representative of the same percentile of the population of the UK. It is a very sad day indeed if that were true and the world would indeed be doomed.

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I might accuse most of these senseless comments as originating form some sad Clinton foundation shill, however humouring the lack of intelligence I might respond simply to those who get carried along by such mindless tripe... NO!

Comparing Lauri to Assange shows either a desperate attempt at deceit, or a reckless act of ignorance. Know your subject!

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Re: A Flagrant Rotten Denial of Justice and a Blot in the UKGBNI Landscape

Very suspect how 98% of the comments on here originate by the same IP address.

As most people know, quite simply Assange went into exile due to the threats to his life made by an administration rife with corruption and whom know no bounds. It would not be right for Assange to have gambled his life by submitting to a bail condition where there was the possibility of risk to life. Active threats to his life were made by key figureheads within the US administration, this was not mere speculation.

Given the current Nunes upheaval only adding further weight to the nightmare that is the US justice system, it is undeniable that Assange had a justified basis to fear them. Given the conduct of the incarceration he has thus far endured and all the phases the process has traversed, it is Res ipsa loquitur that the UK have at best, played fast and loose with the rules without regard for the welfare of Assange or recognition that the evidence of the originating claim has been proven bogus.

Instead, the synthetic commentary hopes to divert us to the simple fact that due to a proposed bail offence, the basis of which being unlawful, therefore he deserves it, one would be forgiven for thinking the comments system is ran by the Clinton foundation. The facts of the matter seem to be, most of the comments show knee jerk reactionaries with zero knowledge of the whole affair. This is nothing less than a damning indictment of UK law enforcement and CPS conduct.

HALF A BILLION TERRORISTS: WhatsApp encrypts ALL its worldwide jabber

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Don't spread misinformation - Please install Telegram A: on your phone B on your PC. Do it NOW!

Fiendish fake Flash plugin squirts grumble-flick ads into kiddies' websites

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This has been engineered and commissioned by Cameron government secret 3rd party spy agencies as a propagandist tool for the evil Zionists corrupt communist UK internet filter program.

Firefox 'new tab' feature exposes users' secured info: Fix promised

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IT Angle

Android ICS does the same thing with entire apps, when you long press the home button to bring up the recent task list, screen shots are cached, even of your bank details should they have been the last thing on display before you exited the program / browser. Its not so much they dont think about these things, the dev team lead usually does not care when one of its subordinates points out that this is a bad idea, they just get told not to argue with the spec. Classic rubbish dev leadership and QA.

US gov boffins achieve speeds faster than light

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Re: Science Fiction

Nice bit of trollery there ;)

Cameron hardens stance on UK web filth block

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Is anyone even bothered about freedo of speach

Again everyone focuses on the practicality and feasibility, Who cares, its only a matter of time before they have the infrastructure technology that can do practically anything they wish. So as argument based on a diversion, this is road to ruin.

Which brings us to the real fight against the police state then, so forget technical feasibility for this is immaterial, we should be focus on Cameron and his police state agenda, freedom of speech. If he wants china, then he should go and live there. Dont bring china here.

Killers laugh in face of death penalty threat, say US experts

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<< New TV show >> Prison Death Match

Well life in the nick without parole means they will only have each other to kill so that’s ok by us. let them all make each other extinct.


A new TV show :D ... Prison Death Match, where they all fight to the death only one can survive, his reward, he gets to fight another day. Costs can be recouped in adverstising revenue.

ISPs should get 'up to' full fee for 'up to' broadband

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Re: Fail to understand the consequences

Then the flat fees that are in force further down the chain, should be subject to variabilities therefore no mofo is entitled to scupper a windfall at the expense of humanity. The providers of the infrastructure would then have to invest in said infrastructure in order to make a return sometime in the future, instead of making record profits in the short to medium term. Less profit, greter customer focus. This is known as capped-capitalism where humanity can co-exit along side capitalism only when capitalism is strictly regulated and controlled like the evil beast that it is!

Home Sec: Web snoop law will snare PAEDOS, TERRORISTS

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Teresa May is the uk's Hillary Clinton

The two despots meet to plot the next nazi take over / police state. (small steps)


AssangeTM TV broadcasts this week

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Thumb Up

So many digs from

so many jealous corrupt journalists and dimwits out there. The rest of us, well we hope Assange stays true to his self and his transparent and scientific approach to journalism. Go Assange !

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop

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Grounding, threatening warning, temper, embarrassing, destructive evil parenting. vs. Caring, clever, understanding, compassionate show of love. no wonder the girl wants her parents dead.

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"A basic grasp of logic is pretty much a given", so if ability is a measure of correctness, appropriateness and skill, where does that leave Hitler. Does not look like your feeble argument stands well against the good points made

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The world is doomed

The guy is twisted, met this kind of farther many time in my job as a social worker. It makes me sick that most of you condone this barbaric and primitive form of parenting, ruling through fear, reasoning though anger. Threatening into submission, grounding, its easy to win a one horse race, he makes for a dreadful parent. There are ways to bring up children so they don't hate you and rebel, feel the things this disillusioned poor girl put in her letter. The bloke has failed from the start, this is why she is in the state of mind she is in. The irony is sickening. She just needs someone to show her some love, putting software on her laptop, buying a few things, is not love and affection and understanding and wisdom. He represents just another extreme of parenting, another corner of failure, another reason why we have shit people in the world due to so much dreadful parenting. The fact that the majority of losers thumbs up the guy, confirmed the world is doomed.

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so far from the dis-likes of your comment, i can see we have 51 reasons why the world is in a shit place. Most parents are dreadful such as this pathetic red neck.

New Euro IP law promises artists torpedoes to sink pirates

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Yes they do get it, but they also receive money for it, you will note that there biggest contributors are TV and media. Its all about money and sex and drugs. that's all politics has ever been about.

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