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Android clampdown on calls and texts access trashes bunch of apps

Chet Mannly

Re: The trouble is...

It will be because the app is using google play services to scan the wifi. Google play services uses wifi scanning for location (as well as GPS).

Chet Mannly

Re: Why on earth would Google have a problem with BlackBerry Hub?

A non-nefarious explanation would be if it is used for something ar-like, such as translating signs or notices - location would help identify the language.

Not saying that's what it is, but it could be...

Google takes a page from Microsoft of old and revives browser ballot on Android

Chet Mannly

Re: Windows-N

Name a mobile OS that isn't a glorified data slurping program. Android does it, Apple does it, MS does it.

It's a question of who gets your data, rather than whether anyone does.

Apple bestows first hardware upgrades in years upon neglected iPad Mini and Air lines

Chet Mannly

Re: Quote from Saint Jobs himself

Actually the comments were made years *after* Apple made one.

Jobs was bagging the Apple Newton, a stylus driven PDA, which he just canned.

Stroppy Google runs rings round Brussels with Android remedy

Chet Mannly

Re: Holding action

You can always uninstall GMS from your phone - everything still works. The only real downside is that you get a few notifications from apps saying they need it, but they still work.

Just use Yalp store or similar which will download all the apps from the Play Store for you under your account details.

Chet Mannly

"there's no location service, for example,"

Huh? I removed all Google Services (including Play Services, store framework etc) from my phone runing Oreo and location services work fine. The mobile maps site will even run in a firefox web browser on it with full navigation.

Google Pixel 2 XL: Like paying Apple-tier prices then saying, hey, please help yourself to my data

Chet Mannly

Re: It's not for me then...

"Listen to a pixel2 with the bundled inline DAC and compare it to literally anything with an integrated DAC and it's not only significantly better"

How about an LG V30 with it's quad DAC? You can keep your bluetooth mate, I'll stick with 24bit wired connection thanks...

We put Huawei's P20 triple-lens snapper through its paces

Chet Mannly

Re: Am I that much of an antique..

"On modern phones the screen is typically higher res and more colour accurate than those in cameras"

Higher res sure, but colour accurate? You must be joking! Even the photo modes on phone screens look like neon lights...

Chet Mannly

Re: Just to be clear ...and 10MP real resolution isn't that good for later editing

You must be reading reviews on utterly awful, or utterly ancient, lenses mate!

Facebook previews GDPR privacy tools and, yep, it's the same old BS

Chet Mannly

Re: has Facebook managed to connect-the-dots with its other data-sets!

"Amazon and Google (via their so called home assistants) are just as bad."

I find those hilarious - let's put a microphone from companies known to be spying on me online and put it in the middle of my home.

Oh, and I'll pay money for the microphone and supply the internet connection.

It's like a Yes Minister episode...

Chet Mannly

"And then start having to pay for Gmail, Outlook.com"

Yeah that's why I ended up going with a paid service. It's only $20 a year. Things like this make me value privacy more than that.

Harder with facebook though, I have friends all over the world and it really is the best way to keep in touch. I compensate with adding all kinds of false stuff in my profile. It's kinda fun to put "morris dancing" as an interest and watching the wacky and totally irrelevant ads come though LOL

Shock poll finds £999 X too expensive for happy iPhone owners

Chet Mannly

"A Bluetooth adapter?"

Then you lose a chunk of sound quality.

And then of course you'll need a charger for the bluetooth adapter at some point!

Australia considers joining laptops-on-planes ban

Chet Mannly

Re: theft's the issue, not boredom

Same boat here - couldn't give a hoot about my laptop, I can pick up a cheap one in next to no time to get me through the trip, but try finding an insurance company that will cover $15k of photography gear when its checked in and handed over to the wreckers and thieves more commonly referred to as baggage handlers.

America 'will ban carry-on laptops on flights from UK, Europe to US'

Chet Mannly

That Samsung S8 dock doesn't look quite so silly now eh?

Wonder if Samsung got wind of this. That dock turning the S8 into a pseudo computer would actually be pretty handy if all you needed was email, light word processing or spreadsheeting etc.

Certainly not ideal from a user perspective but might be a more secure proposition than handing over your laptop...

Will the MOAB (Mother Of all AdBlockers) finally kill advertising?

Chet Mannly

Too late...

"However, a web where the only content is paid content – where literally everything you see or read is itself an advertisement – isn't an outcome they seem to want to consider."

What are you on about - we're already there.

-News sites run puff pieces all the time disguised as news.

- Movie sites are just there to get people to watch movies. Even when they bag one they always suggest another readers should watch.

- Review sites write stuff which make people feel like what they have is inferior and they need to buy the latest gadget which is so much more shiny than the one you were perfectly happy with 5 minutes ago. Again where they do a negative review there's always an alternative they suggest with the obligatory affiliate link.

I'm a photographer and 90% of photography sites operate simply to generate hype and drive sales via affiliate links. Often these sites are owned (or part owned) by the retailers. Most of the rest are just "don't listen to all those other sites telling you to buy new gear, just improve your technique. Oh and by the way here's my new workshop/video series which you can buy".

Content which isn't advertorial these days is rare. At the end of the day most of what you read on the net and in papers/mags is designed to make you buy. That's how sites stay alive. Whether it is entirely conscious or not writers have just packaged their sales suggestions into content people voluntarily choose to consume.

New iPad revealed. Big price cut is main feature

Chet Mannly

Re: Count me in

Except the money they donate to charity is actually tax deductible, so they get to pay even less tax...

Airplane bomb fears spark America's laptop, tablet carry-on ban

Chet Mannly

Re: No need for actual bombs

"My gosh you people, how long is your flight?"

My next holiday will see me on 18+ hours of flights in each direction (nearly 40 hours in total) - baggage has to be checked the whole way. That's a hell of a lot more than a snooze mate.

And I'll be travelling with $7.5k of easily stolen camera gear that I now have to check in and pray the minimum wage baggage handlers don't help themselves to.

This is a nightmare.

Chet Mannly

"I'd suggest you review the fine print of your travel insurance, a good majority of domestic policies typically only go up to £1500"

Yup, and often they have restrictions on what kind of items they will pay out for checked-in luggage (as opposed to carry-on).

As South Australia blacked out, PM's office was told renewable power was not to blame

Chet Mannly

Out of date...

That was the FIRST piece of advice and at the time it was made there was insufficient evidence to determine exactly what caused the blackout. There were 2 events - there was over 300MW of wind generation going off line in the space of 90 seconds and transmission towers falling. There are no timers on transmission towers so at the time that advice was provided it was not known which ebent happened first - so that advice would also have indicated there was a huge level of uncertainty around any information being provided at that time.

It wasn't until months later that the full story emerged, and the wind turbines went offline first (although its estimated it was only by minutes). That's why all the wind farms have had their software changed so that they would not go offline again under those circumstances.

Its academic, as ultimately either event would have caused the blackout, but saying it wasn't wind generation because a left-wing think tank made a press release based on a heavy dose of political spin on completely out of date information is pretty ordinary journalism.

Maybe stick to IT Reg...

Data breach notification law finally makes it to Australia's Parliament

Chet Mannly

Surely the type of data should be the determinant rather than the form?

I mean if someone accidentally attaches an innocuous letter sent to me that's minor, but if the attachment is my complete medical history not so much...

A single typo may have tipped US election Trump's way

Chet Mannly

Their election chances were damaged because the truth got revealed...

The russkies may or may not have stolen the data, but ultimately all that happened was the public saw some of the dodgy things the Democrats were doing. Don't want the public to find out that you did dodgy things? Don't do dodgy things in the first place...

The whole "russians rigged the election" line is a red herring to distract from that IMO.

Living with the Pixel XL – Google's attempt at a high-end phone

Chet Mannly

Re: Not worth reading.

You do realise Apple have their own advertising/data mining program don't you?

Its just as intrusive as Google's - at this point all you are doing is choosing who is going to spy on you...

Chet Mannly

Re: Wanna buy a Pixel?

I can only assume people wanting to get rid of SIM cards don't do much overseas travel.

I have used 3 different SIMs in the last 6 months from different countries. Quick and easy, you can buy them before you leave, do the whole thing in English and you can walk off the plane with a working phone in the new country.

Getting rid of the SIM card would be a freaking nightmare.

Cheap, lousy tablets are killing the whole market says IDC

Chet Mannly

And said tablet will last for many years. People don't use tablets like phones, I charge my tablet once a week if that, so the hardware will keep going for a lot longer than a phone, and there's no real reason to replace them - its not like a new ipad will be tangibly better at presenting emails (facebook, news instsgram, whatever's your digital poison) than a 4 year old one will.

Unless you are a real power user there also isn't a huge difference in laptops either these days.

Like it or not, here are ALL your October Microsoft patches

Chet Mannly

No doubt this has been brought in to stop people like me from manually uninstalling all their spyware, sorry telemetery, that they have been trying to install on my win 7 machine - so I can have the full "we're watching you" experience that all the lucky win10 people get...

NBN cable rules spark electricity network push-back

Chet Mannly

Re: Am I missing something....

I think his point is more that if you have to re-lay the entire HFC network then where exactly are the cost savings?

Surely it would have been cheaper to just roll out the same fibre systems across Australia rather than lay and install two systems? I accept that may be far too logical for Government policy though...

I originally thought the idea was that they would just plug in to the existing hfc network, which would definitely save a lot of time and money.

Apple goes to crapple in stock plunge kerfaffle: $113bn wiped off in days

Chet Mannly

Re: Root -1 money.

err no

Apple's value is $115b less than it was yesterday.

That doesn't mean the money disappeared from existence. Rather than proving finance doesn't work it proves your "guess" about how it works is just plain wrong...

Australia to tax ALL international online purchases

Chet Mannly

Get a clue Joe

OK so how on earth does our erstwhile treasurer expect to legally compel a retailer that is not subject to Australian law to go to the expense of doing tax collection? Especially when the purpose of the tax is to make its own products more expensive? There's a reason customs are the ones which collect GST on items over $1000.

Maybe Sloppy Joe should ask Amazon if they sell clues as he obviously needs to buy one...

A gold MacBook with just ONE USB port? Apple, you're DRUNK

Chet Mannly

Re: Almost justifiable...

Until you lose one, or have to spend 20 minutes faffing around trying to find where you put them.

Absolute PITA, especially when travelling - if you lose an adapter, or one fails, your entire trip could be ruined.

Chet Mannly

Re: Not a universal view

"This looks like mostly as a glorified tablet"

Makes perfect sense - every new generation of OSX turns Macbooks more and more into ipads.

Apple's SNEAKY plan: COPY ANDROID. Hello iPhone 6, Watch

Chet Mannly

Re: That side-on picture of the phone looks just like...

Especially the gold one - styling-wise it's a dead ringer for the white version of new galaxy tab s - at least from the side...

Lawsuits ahoy! LOL

NBN Co adds apartments to FTTP rollout

Chet Mannly

Teneriffe is also not even in the valley - its a separate suburb!

Adobe Creative Cloud 2014: Progress and pain in the usual places

Chet Mannly

Re: I need to get this to my client right away.

"have never been denied access to the installed programs because of server downtime"

Well others have - there was a pretty widespread issue not long ago where all the authentication servers went down and people were locked out of their CC software.

The point is with CC there is another point of potential failure in your work flow that is completely out of your control which was never there before and that aint FUD no matter how you slice it.

Maybe your clients will accept "Adobe ate my photoshop" as an excuse for not meeting a deadline but I doubt mine would and nor should they have to - hence I'm sticking with CS6.

Chet Mannly

Re: Let Adobe hold you by the privates


The subscription model was to save Adobe revenues. People weren't upgrading because the new versions had so little new features people wouldn't pay to upgrade. This is the second major cc release for photoshop and there still aren't any features worth upgrading for over CS6.

Glad I bought a real license when I had the chance

Chet Mannly

"No longer do users have to wait 18 months for major upgrades and core-code updates nor keep their eyes open for minor bug-fixes to appear on obscure support pages. With Adobe CC, the various fixes, updates and upgrades just turn up whenever they’re ready."

That hasn't been the case for software for at least a decade - everything has auto update checking including Adobe apps.

"On the surface, there is nothing new in flagship Photoshop CC or heavyweights such as After Effects and Premiere Pro that would have convinced anyone to invest in a traditional package upgrade."

That's the reason for the subscription model - Adobe no longer have to produce new versions with features worth paying for - they can just trot out the occasional tweak knowing that customers have to pay up regardless.

Cameras for hacks: Idiot-proof suggestions invited

Chet Mannly


On those criteria it would be hard to go past a Sony RX100. Big sensor for a compact and image quality is probably as good as you get outside of an interchangeable lens slr/mirrorless camera.

Everything but beer proof, but in my experience the picture quality of rugged cameras is pretty, well, rugged...

Android engineer: We didn't copy Apple or follow Samsung's orders

Chet Mannly

You're not the only itunes hater out there. While there's still a degree of lock in with android apps, at least I can get my music, movies et al from wherever I please. Plus I can drag and drop any media files I want without having to wait for conversion or any ither itunes sync bs.

Obviously there are enough people that do like it or tolerate it enough to use ithings, but you're not alone.

Choice is a good thing. This way everyone gets what they want.

Chet Mannly

Re: Apple Corp vs Apple Inc

Apple corp did not claim the Apple name in all markets. They had an agreement with Jobsian Apple that as long as they stayed out if the music biz they were fine. Then Jobsian Apple entered the music biz where Apple corp were clearly already established.

Apple corp sued Jobsian Apple because they were trying to use the same name in the same industry which is perfectly rational - nothing at all like the rounded corners BS.

Apple: You're a copycat! Samsung: This is really about Google, isn't it?

Chet Mannly

Re: @Martijn Bakker

"Apple spends a smaller percentage of their revenue on R&D compared to other tech companies"

Because they only release a significant new product once a decade then just do minor tweaks.

Look at OSX, Macbook pro range, ipads, iOS in general...

New Sammy patent trial: Apple seeks $40 PER 'infringing' handset

Chet Mannly

Re: Oh come on.

"Companies you've heard of that have sued Apple first:

• Motorola;

• Nokia (starting the first lawsuit of the smartphone era);"

You seem to have forgotten Apple sued Microsoft over their entire windows user interface...

Google's SECRET contracts: Android lock-in REVEALED!

Chet Mannly

Re: He does understand it

"Read the text carefully "even specifies where they should appear on the Android phone's home screen"

Only where the manufacturer wants to use google apps.

Perhaps you want to read the post again - if you just want Android you can do what you like with it. If you want Google's suite of apps there are license conditions.

See the Amazon tablets - runs Android, no Google apps, Amazon cam put whatever they like on thier home screen and install any apps they want by default.

Chet Mannly

"The argument is that like MS they should be open to allow other services/applications to supplant there own"

You mean like letting Amazon release an Android tablet without signing that agreement and letting them install their own apps for everything including their own app market?

Android IS open for other services...

Chet Mannly

Re: Sooooo

Android -yes

Google's apps (eg Play Store, Gmail client etc) - no

Facebook app now reads your smartphone's text messages? THE TRUTH

Chet Mannly

Re: Lazy people to blame, as usual

"I'd dearly love to be able to selectively deny permissions to an app to invoke certain functions or system calls (optionally reenabling it later)"

Apps like LBE privacy guard allow you to do that.

Totally agree that Android's out of the box take it or leave it approach is a little more transparent but ultimately does bugger all to protect your privacy

Our irony meter exploded: Apple moans ebook price-fixing watchdog is too EXPENSIVE

Chet Mannly

Re: Hear of Amazon?

"Ever hear of iTunes?" Wow, you really are as dumb as a bag of bricks!"

Apple managed to increase the pricing of ebooks for the entire market. There is no arguing that that is exercising significant market power which is the issue - you're missing the point by saying that there are other people in the market so Apple isn't controlling it.

By that line of argument Microsoft wasn't a monopoly either, even though they had massive market power and were using it to eliminate competitors to the detriment of consumers - and got done for it (sadly too late in the end).

APPLE EATS ITSELF: iPad Mini set to wolf Air's market share

Chet Mannly

Re: There's cheap and then there's cheap

"Also Applecare Plus (with new iPhones and iPads) now covers 2 incidents of accidental damage over 2 years - you smash up your iPhone and pay about £50 excess and get a new one.

Did your statutory rights not cover accidental damage? No - shame..."

No but home contents insurance does - so congratulations on paying Apple twice for coverage you already have *facepalm*

Chet Mannly

Re: Interesting

"The difference is I see plenty of iPhone 3GS handsets still in use 4 years down the line whereas the Android phones I see get replaced much quicker (18-24 months). "

That's because Android phones are improving rapidly by each generation, not just glacially iterating the same old thing like Apple does (not just in phones, typing this on a macbook pro which is indistinguishable from the 3 year old one it just replaced, slightly faster, slightly more annoying interface, but really no difference).

Reason 80% of phones sold are Android now and they get upgraded quicker is because each generation has new features people actually want to pay money for.

Chet Mannly

Re: There's cheap and then there's cheap

"you could just walk into the retailer and they would cheerfully give you a new one."

Except with Apple you have to book 2 weeks in advance and drive 40 minutes out of your way in order to walk in and they will give you a refurbished one. You can't just walk in to an Apple store and get served (at least in OZ)

NO! Radio broadcasters snub 'end of FM' DAB radio changeover

Chet Mannly

Re: Local listening

Spot on - if they actually were interesting they wouldn't be in trouble and trying to force the entire market to change to prop up their station, they'd be drawing crowds across to DAB and the majors would have to follow.

DAB - an expensive solution to a non-existent problem...

Here's what YOU WON'T be able to do with your PlayStation 4

Chet Mannly

Re: This is definitely a DEALBREAKER, a classic sneaky, royally scumbag corporate move...

"I mean, in terms of media it sounds fairly similar to my PS3, "

You mean apart from the PS4 not playing MP3s, or letting you attach a HD with all your media files, or playing anything over DLNA/Allshare?


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