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Amazon bridges enterprise IT with cloud backup

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Good points about target market applicability, Rani. And good feature points Tim.

Here are a few extra points to add to Tim's wrt enterprise reqt's vs. SMB, based on customer feedback over the last 12+ months. These speak to the need for enterprise-grade hardware vs. lighter weight VM approach like Amazon's.

* Enterprise-class performance and high availability – SSDs + SAS, HA, no single points of failure

* Multiple cloud provider support to have easy data portability between clouds for max business continuity

* Ability to leverage cloud storage as an additional, lower cost primary tier for colder data

* Certifications from VMware & Microsoft to enable mainstream enterprise apps to use cloud storage as a tier

* Truly consolidate multiple infrastructure components for data mgmt – like backup / archive / DR / tape elimination

* De-duplication + compression + WAN optim. to eliminate data redundancy to reduce cloud storage size and expense

Mark @ StorSimple

Storage Gateways and the Enterprise

It is very interesting to see what Amazon has done for their first product that runs on-premise in the enterprise. Directionally, we see this as the first salvo from Amazon in terms of getting serious about enterprise storage. The suggested deployment for Amazon Storage Gateway is that it be deployed as a gateway (inline) to customer’s existing SAN and direct attach storage that sends data to the Amazon cloud. While that may work for small business deployments, many enterprise customers will not want the Amazon Storage Gateway, which does not have high availability features like non-disruptive patch updates and multi-patching, become a single point of failure.

From an enterprise customer perspective, there is a business decision to be made on whether they want to use a cloud on-ramp (gateway) that locks them into a specific cloud or have a solution that can work across the range of enterprise-focused cloud services – Amazon, Azure, AT&T, Rackspace, Google, HP, IBM/Nirvanix etc.

There is also the question of what capabilities still need be deployed on-premise to meet IT and business goals – be it enterprise-level scale & vailability, needed certifications (e.g. Microsoft, VMware), application consistency for backups or cost reduction via data reduction technologies (de-dupe, WAN optim, etc).

More thoughts on our blog this week: http://www.storsimple.com/blog/bid/101464/Amazon-Storage-Gateway-Welcome



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