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Punters to pick up cheap laptops not Ultrabooks


Not just me, Clues for the Clueless

The pricing of netbooks has been all over the map, manufacturers should have a bloody clue about where the sweet spot and customers are by now.

I've picked up 11" 1388x768 screen Acer models for $165 on sale/clearance, they are regularly $329, but clearly not moving at that, hence the 3-4 week dumping cycle. The AMD models run 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium, not the 32-bit Starter crap on the Intel models.

I can pick up a quad cored 17" laptop with a 1600x900 for $400-500 without effort. A 7" tablet for $200-$250 (Fire, Nook Color/Tablet), and 10" for $300 (Acer 500)

I'm not going to spend $700-$900 on an UltraBook for my technology grab-n-go bag, or family members who want to surf, shop or do email. Or for that matter something with a ~18 month replacement cycle.

If i wanted to spend that on dropable/discardable tech I'd be an Apple customer. And I'd want 1600x900 resolution.

For UltraBooks to fly off the shelves they are going to need to be below $400, and preferably below $300.



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