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Peak Apple: This time it's SERIOUS, Tim


iphone se

agree with the notion that  is pricing itself out of the markets it's been pursuing and also their boneheaded move of discontinuing the iphone se. something else they're missing is there's a large number of iphone users who really don't want a phablet but would pay a premium for a phone with the guts of the xs (excess) phone in a form factor the size of the lamented se.

an xs mini, perchance, capt cook?

Five Reasons to be cheerful about Nokia-Microsoft


credit overdrawn ....

>And give the Beast some credit: Windows 7 is Vista without the most annoying bits.

having been totally frustrated trying to manage a win7 install, one thankfully missing my esteemed corpse's i/t spyware, i'd be really curious to know which annoying bits fester's thugs left out. seems to be a plethora of really annoying bits not to mention all the missing features that once made winxp almost manageable ....

is this too polite to qualify as a fotw?

Vista – End of the Dream?


and have you been through osx code?

not to sound like a micro$lop fanboi (definitely not!), have you tried the unmaintainable algorithm on osx?

SanDisk 4GB SDHC memory card


and it's a really cute gadget, too

the micromate is too cool to be believed. i've not yet used my 4gb card, but i've used the reader and it's super!


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