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Outside-the-box thinking literally can't be done inside a box, say profs

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Dilbert's cubicles

"We may consider getting away from Dilbert's cubicles and creating open office spaces to free up our minds,"

There is possibly no bigger drain on time and productivity than the open office space myth. Whoever came up with the original idea was obviously a trick cyclist and not someone who works in an office.

Right, gotta go now, the bloke next to me needs to chat about something.


ITV wrist-slapped for showing video game as IRA attack

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This is BS

A person had to sit down and edit that video. They had to clip it from a longer segment to get the right start and end points and match it into the sequence. It is pure bs that looking at it in this frame view on FCP or avid that you cant tell its not real.

The editor at least knew it was from a computer game.



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