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UK cookie law compliance takes effect today

Pete 25

Seriously El Reg

The best you could do is "I'm fine with you setting cookies" ?

Where's the "I don't want any cookies from you thanks" option?

Cookie blocker time.

Halo friends frag harder, longer

Pete 25

So, friends act more friendly towards friends than not-friends...

Stunning piece of research..

Male dinosaurs failing on social privacy

Pete 25

Maybe women take these things more seriously?

Men also tend not to get stalked to a serious [bodily-harm] degree.

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop

Pete 25

Shooting the laptop makes perfect sense

If it was just locked up then he'd be in for weeks or months of whining/pouting to get it back again, now the daughter knows it isn't coming back.

I would have gone with a hammer, work off some of that anger, but each to his own.

SOPA is dead. Are you happy now?

Pete 25

The major problem with trying to arrange a reasoned debate is that the opposition [MPAA/Congress] don't do this.. its all sound bytes and hysteria.

If you want a decent discussion on the subject, first you need to change American politics and considering that corporate America [including the MPAA] owns the politicians except at election time, that's really not going to happen.

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