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US military: 'Help us build the ROBO-WARFIGHTER OF THE FUTURE'



360 degree haptic feedback to the wearer is ideal with degrees of stimuli dependent on distance from the wearer or level of threat.

Modular armour with low RCS that can be added or removed dependent on the level of threat so that a risk balanced approach can be taken and mobility versus protection can be decided.

Integrated sensor and multi bearer tactical communications, including:

The ability to turn off all radio emissions (airplane mode) to avoid location.

Close range (up to 1.5km) encrypted optical signalling.

Integrated situational awareness (an actual use for Google glass) using multiple bearers.

Hyper spectral imagery megapixel fixed array sensors translating to threat or imaging via HUD.

Automatic communication with individual, squad, platoon and company weapon systems (auto spotting for rounds?).

And most importantly, the facility to make Brews on the move.

WIN a RockBLOCK Iridium satellite comms module



Remote Emergency Handy Arresting Box?

Bogus gov online test tells people on dole they're just SO employable


Re: Flawed approach to a layered one

Lol! I know what you mean, my dad used to say that if people put as much effort into doing the things they should be doing as avoiding them...

The situation where people who work have to 'top up' their wages with benefits because of poor wages is abhorrent. Everyone who works should get a wage that they can live on.

Viva la Revolution!


Re: Flawed approach to a layered one

Not at all. But coming from a working class background and seeing it first hand, the people who want to work will always find a way of overcoming adversity, especially when help is afforded us. The intractable white elephant in the room that no one wants to address is the dependency culture that has been created. I'm not vilifying anyone, just stating that if the government are going to deal with this sub-group of benefit claimants, they have to use a multi-layered approach. Cutting the legs out from beneath people on benefits through cuts without additional measures will only lead to civil unrest. Probably on the scale we saw in Croydon.


Flawed approach to a layered one

A missing piece of the puzzle at last!

Welfare spending needs to be cut as it's unsustainable and Government policy over the last 30 years has created a sense of entitlement amongst the poorest and most marginalised, stifling social mobility.

They need 4 things to make it work:

1. The threat of phased benefits cuts (stick).

2. Increased spending on vocational skills that employers actually need (recently proposed in parliament by Gove).

3. Creation of jobs through investment (tax breaks for companies etc).

4. A comprehensive information operations (PsyOps) plan to provide Normative Social Influence strong enough to overcome the innate sense of entitlement and surety in the person collecting benefits.

This test is obviously a very poorly implemented #4

I expect to see much stronger images and propaganda in the media in future as this "being on benefits harms the country/destroys your children's future" message is pushed out.

Problem is that most people who are on benefits live in close proximity to others who are also on benefits and they affirm one another's actions.

BTW I don't agree with elements of this, but it is interesting to watch...

Virgin Media mauls UK.gov for pumping millions into BT


MoD Sites?

Well so much for improving broadband. Those families of serving soldiers living on UK MoD bases are not being upgraded to anything resembling acceptable speeds.

Most service families get 2Mbps tops!

BT has stated that it doesn't plan to upgrade the cabinets, even though the exchange is 21CN ready.

There are 2 bases in large towns close to London that don't even have reasonable broadband services, yet still they fork out the £35 pm that BT request.

Nuke support in UK hits record high


Waste of time

Why worry?

The general apathy of the public never ceases to amaze. There are several projects around the world generating clean and renewable energy from fission. OK, the Greens amongst us have a point that Pressurised Water Reactor designs of yesteryear are inherently unsafe.

However, newer Generation IV designs are built to 'Fail Safe'. Furthermore, India and China are leading the world in new Thorium reactor development. The safe, clean and abundant power these provide aside, the money that can be can be made from producing and installing these designs in other countries under licence is potentially enormous.

Plus there is a non-proliferation benefit and the possibility of 'burning' harmful actinides using these reactors that would otherwise be disposed of as harmful waste...


Crap science

The only damage would be mild thermal scarring to the toroidal containment area as the plasma is not dense and in the absence of containment, rapidly cools and contracts as fusion stops. Maybe a slight breach in some cases, but not a huge show stopper. Anyone got any evidence to suggest things would be otherwise, I'd be interested to hear.


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