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Watch out, Yahoo! EFF looses BADGER on sites that ignore Do Not Track

Les Moor

Re: Too difficult to implement DNT

It's likely that the only devs left at Yahoo after all of the jackassery that has gone on there over the last few years are the slow children (no offense intended to slow children)/


Intel's new TV box to point creepy spy camera at YOUR FACE

Les Moor
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Oh, Intel!

'He didn't say what the service will be called, but did say that the US isn't ready for entirely à la carte options..."

1. CreeperVision is overwhelmingly appropriate as the name for the new service.

2. The US has been ready for "à la carte options" for decades. It's the providers who can't get their act together.


Spam-squirting hole found in McAfee antivirus kit

Les Moor

People still use McAfee products?



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