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HP hawks huge 132in 'tablet'



I remember them touting all those possible uses for webOS? Oh well, that didn't last long... #fail


RIM readies 7in, 10in BlackBerry tablets for 2012


Best tablet I've ever used

I just picked up a Playbook from PC World for £199 and immediately registered for the OS 2 beta. I can honestly say it's the best tablet I've ever used. Top notch hardware, an OS that flies and the best mobile browser there is. I'm now waiting for news on the QNX based phones because I can't believe they won't be anything except fantastic.

The only problem is the lack of Apps but RIM have addressed that with the Android player, so expect to see thousands of Android apps ported over, solving that issue.

Seriously, for £199 it's the best tech bargain I've ever bought. In comparison, the HP Touchpad (I also bought in a firesale) is a total piece of garbage. (I'll be ditching webOS on that for Ice Cream Sandwich as soon as Cyanogen get it ported).



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