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Ouch, Apple! Plenty of iPhones stuck in tech channel. How many? That's a 'wild card'


Environmental policy

Anyone else find it so amusing that along with all the other corporate talk they shout about how they are pushing to be a green company and protect the environment then complain in financial results that people are not filling landfills with enough iPhones and buying new ones. Maybe start selling iPhone/Mac parts as a new business.

Yes I know they can be mostly recycled but honestly who believes that is actually happening.

How many years do we have left of natural resources to remain on this path?

Bitbucket wobbles but it won't fall. Oh, snap...


Just a nap

Gee, I wish when one of my internal hosted systems had an issue I would use nice words from marketing like "just taking a nap" or "have a quick coffee break".

You know things that humans can relate with so as not to stoke frustration. Somehow as it's cloud it is allowed a break and that's ok but my hard working gear is not.

Usual outsourcing story huh, be it people or systems.

Microsoft's next Windows 10 release creeps closer with a cluster of builds


Kernel or apps

Um.. was that just a long list of apps getting updates and rather than using the app store to do so or offer them we have to do a full new OS upgrade?

Wasn't edge meant to break the dependency between the OS and the browser but has only made is bigger?

Feels more like they are now creating updates to fulfill the as a service pitch than actually improving anything.

Sitting pretty in IPv4 land? Look, you're gonna have to talk to IPv6 at some stage


Re: Never!


Wow and if you dig a hole in your driveway that should stop thieves getting to your house, or least by your description.

NAT provides no security whatsoever, the printer mentioned above only needs to initiate a single outgoing packet to the router that will then open a port public side and any (that is ANY!) internet traffic that hits that port public side will be sent to the printer. About time people stopped confusing the basic "established" firewalls rules used in home router devices for NAT providing security!

As for how can someone route to your IP space at home behind your NAT device. Quite easily remember the box is just a router passing traffic from any connected subnet to another. This assumption just says I expect my ISP to not forward traffic using private addressing on the source or destination and most don't do this. There are varying methods to get traffic destined to your private range at home to pass over the net.

NAT simply states if traffic passing the router meets this rule then change the source/destination IP and/or port to something else, if it does not meet this rule then pass it unmodified. <- here see no security at all!

Your firewall is what says if this traffic is from the WAN and is not for an established connection in the connection tracking table then drop it usually via the implicit deny any any rule at the bottom.

Sure plenty of you will go on thinking NAT provides security until your IPv6 printer starts spitting out pages of unwanted messages - of course it won't as your ISP will have enabled the firewall by default.

This doesn't even account for the open wireless access point installed on most home printers these days (a quick scan of my neighborhood shows plenty)

Waymo van prang, self-driving cars still suck, AI research jobs, and more


Re: Dumb drivers

Accept people keep saying that and not doing the math.

Waymo 5 million miles 30 crashes humans are just over 4 per million so about 21 crashes for the same 5 million miles.

Don't get me wrong I am for it in places it makes sense, but lets not tout it as successful before it is out of R&D or praise its promise before it is delivered.

VMware and Microsoft make up and get NSX-y together


Brochures can do anything. What matters is what the marketing department decides to make the $$ number.

Knowing VMware something like "make this PO out to the value of annual turnover - $1.00"

Me, I'm over in the group of customers told our E+ licenses would give us access to everything released in the future.

Australia joins the 'decrypt it or we'll legislate' club



So how long until they realize this already exists.

It's called TLS 1.0 and we all just spent the last 12 months getting rid of it. Or there is the NSA's version of RSA with predictable curve results.

So how much will you pay some contractor to copy TLS 1.0 and AES 128 call it TLS 5.0 and sing his praises?

They still can't say how on earth they are going to force the bad guys to use the encryption with known back doors never mind the large online providers. Never mind the effort to erase the existence of the more modern encryption standards.

Roses are red, Ajit Pai is tickled. Broadband from SpaceX gets him out of a pickle


um... who gave the Comcast rep from America control over the whole of space.

Surely they have had to get approval from other countries or it orbit one of those first in based "international waters" type systems.

Mines the rocket with de-orbiting missiles attached to clear the way for my own new satellite network.

Windows Defender will strap pushy scareware to its ass-kicker machine


almost there

Take it another step further and add any application that by default installs other PUA then for once we can kick Oracle for their continued inclusion of other rubbish with Java.

STOP! It's dangerous to upgrade to VMware 6.5 alone. Read this


don't forget the firmware

Also before the ESXi step make sure you have run whatever hardware updater your vendor has as 6.5 moves to newer drivers that requires a newer minimum firmware version.

Even more fun if you have Broadcom NIC's and what to pick between the Broadcom and Qlogic drivers.

Cost-hurling IBM seeks more volunteers for employment bonfire


Even worse scams

So does this now mean that the same people attempting to scam us via phone/email etc. will now have access to just send me an official tax bill with a different account number.

Or worse that fake IRS phone call now really being the IRS IT guy with a bribe me and get out free.

Internet-wide security update put on hold over fears 60 million people would be kicked offline


The problem?

I say just do it.

Then all the companies running DNS servers and not maintaining them will get an in-flood of angry customers some will leave and the company will learn it's lesson to not leave stale infrastructure out there.

Heck doing it is likely to also halt a number of DDoS attack vectors due to loads of DNS servers suddenly being updated.

FBI probing Uber over use of 'Hell' spyware to track rival biz Lyft


As much as I have a distaste for Uber I wish the rest of the IT world would stop using them as the an example of the times and why I need to buy said vendors product.

I get it you all make loads of $$ from pay as you go but using the most toxic company is current existence it not going to win me over.

One recent event even went as far as using Uber as a positive example of woman in tech... Guess they never went online before writing their speech.

Deputy AG Rosenstein calls for law to require encryption backdoors


Two things

1st. Can they even enforce this when the devices ship from China and I am sure it would not be hard to move the systems that compile the code off shore thus the product is never exported.

2nd. I'll use this the second the USA confirms that all government agencies including the military use the same encryption for all their communications!

Microsoft rolls its own hyperconverged appliance program


Hyper-V not the issue

The reason VMware still holds king is not because Hyper-V is somehow not up to par or ESXi being better. It simply comes down to System Center VMM being such a bad product.

I know people use it and some probably love it but try as I have I just cannot get it to be stable, reliable and simple to use. Now we are getting Azure Stack not holding my breath for anything to come and replace or fix it.

VMworld is right around the corner and here is to hoping they integrate their products into something that can compete with Azure Stack and make things interesting again.

No middle ground, no compromise: VMware blocks Cisco's SDN play


standards and API access

This was why the industry chose to standardise on Open vSwitch. The fundamental problem here is that VMWare builds and maitains the bulk of OVS and even made a commitment to move ESXi over to it, no idea if they did or not but one thing is for sure they are not giving us the API access va OVSDB to control it. If this was exposed then all parties could link in and control the vSwitch be it using NSX or a 3rd party control/integration.

If you look around this is why all the non NSX products show integration with KVM and Openstack as they have access to OVSDB. If you want this on ESXi you have to purchase NSX thus negating the 3rd party product you wanted to use.

Funny how VMWare build OVS and are the only ones who don't use it heck even MS Hyper-V is supported and MS will give you OVSDB API access to their switch.

Dying for Windows 10 Creators Update? But wait, there's more!



Here is hoping that this somehow also means the port of OpenSSH for Windows Server comes out meaning finally simple easy remote powershell.

Why someone thought RDP to a terminal console was a great idea or worse the HTTPS/kerberos/wmi setup that only works when the server is functioning and thus does not need managing.

NetSuite's pre-Oracle curtain call: Growth and costs increase


If it is only 9.3m then I will out bid them under my IT budget. I think you meant 9.3b

Not an Oracle user? You're probably in an Oracle database anyway



So that's why they bought Salesforce so they could mine everyone's data then sell it back to them to enter back into the database.

Citrix's GoTo goes to LogMeIn in $2bn merger


and people say the Dell-EMC merger has product overlap.

Last year Nutanix revealed a hypervisor, this year...


Better network visualization

This could have been the next big hit that would have supplanted them as a market leader/innovator.

Slightly change the word visualization to virtualization and bam. If they were to include a competing product to VMWare NSX in the box as part of the license then they would have really cemented the "Cloud in a box" statement and really pushed VMWare to review its SKU and licensing matrix.

Even if it was AHV only there are plenty of available ways they could have done this too. OVN/Midonet as 2 open source examples.

Instead Microsoft look to release Azure Stack and like them or not this will push both Nutanix and VMWare to think about things.

Coders crack Oculus DRM in 24 hours, open door to mass piracy


has happened and will happen again

MakerBot anyone maybe Bre Pettis had a talk and told him about all the exclusive parties you get invited to once you implement DRM.

EMC Unity or VNX3? You tell me


I for one (was a customer) am sick of the mantra swapping a car while doing 200mph. If I have to buy a new car stop the old one get out and get in the new one, then that was not upgrading at 200mph.

Requiring anything more than a non-disruptive software update and at most controller by controller swap-out all while running cannot claim this feat.

Yes this makes me sound like I am from Pure but no I'm just a happy ex EMC now Pure customer.

Telstra wants to become the Uber of Telstra


Do they know what others do

Do they even know what makes these other companies so good at what they do? I bet they have missed the point that Uber focuses on providing ride sharing and has not got into the car leasing business or even into the road repair business.

Telstra for all it's ambitions just can't keep to the fact it is an ISP and needs to focus on being one instead of building 3 different clouds, firewall management, network services and the rest.

you want to make it successful then get back to being a carrier and focus on networks. Sure you can build other business but do so with a dedicated team focused on a single strategy separate tot he core business.

HPE has released a Gen 2 hyperconverged... er, thingy. Here's the lowdown


4 months..

So we sold you the HCI kit and have worked on version 2 of the software but after realizing that the company is in a bad way financially we decided that we would not release it as version 2 as you would then qualify for a free upgrade under your existing contract so instead we are going to sell it as a new product and charge a fee for converting your old license to the new type.

Hardware – yes, hardware – is driving Hewlett Packard Enterprise's top line


That new Bar

Problem is there are only so many seats at that new bar and people standing around looks bad so I am afraid you all have to go.

I am aware these are all people and they have lives it sucks that they get hit with the brunt of HPE not being able to do things properly.

As fro being more agile and responsive, I got a quote for a system from Dell server/storage/network customer said they wanted HPE so I went to them it's been 6 months but I finally have a viable build and quote and all it took was HPE to be threatened with me taking the deal to HPE in another country to bring the price down to match Dell. Still workings on the finals of how support works but this HPE company is a complete mes to work with. Oh and yes HPE if Dell is running unsustainable business that's why they got a $50Bill loan to buy EMC. Your true problem far too much history at the top and not enough yound new modrn business people and ideas flowing.

VMware hikes vSphere prices, shrinks licence options


no future

They don't see it as heir future growth product so why put the price up they were already considered too expensive, I mean unless they are wanting customers to leave.

VMware finally gets all its end-user computing ideas together as one


Here is hoping some engineers were involved this time and not just marketing. Some of these bundles never took off as once it got to technical level the sheer complexity killed any attempt at deployment.

Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate program getting a lot less trusting


Don't stop there

They should also change the OEM program to state that you are not able to modify the Trusted Root Store of any machine.

HPE has stabbed VMware in the front with converged Azure boxen


stabbed front and back

The writing has been on the wall for VMware for years. Balmer gave a huge start to VMware but now that MS have a CEO for the first time in history things are about to get great for the customer.

MS might not be great at thinking up new things but no one beats them in destroying other companies.

2016 will see the release of Server 2016 along with Azure stack making a single product give anyone the ability to build Azure. Meanwhile VMware will continue to tell you to get the same from them you will need:

ESXi, vCenter, VSAN, NSX, vOPs, vRAC, VIO oh and a browser that supports flash. Granted I am sure VMW are working on something that will bring them into the world of HTML but I doubt they will depart from the convoluted SKU setup they have. Yes I am aware of EVO. Also after fixing the SKU's there is still the biggest issue of all the price. People who license Windows will get Azure for free giving VMW the up hill battle.

Getting a little flashy! Funds are in place, and Kaminario targets growth


Whats with all the employee swapping? Do they realise that the success is built on the people not the product and getting people from other failing companies brings a risk of the same problem. Managers tend to manage the same way regardless of who they work for.

Telstra cloudwhacks storage vendors' sweet spot


It's Telstra

This service likely won't exist in the next 2 years or will be forgotten about to the point existing customers are left trying to get support for something no one knows about.

Also a correction. This will not be cheaper cloud storage never is cheaper the reason for purchase will be ease of use and management. No idea where the reg gets their costs from for these sorts of articles but sounds like it might be from VMware.

Hillary Clinton: Stop helping terrorists, Silicon Valley – weaken your encryption


How will this work

Let me see. So you want to force US companies to build and use encryption systems with known publicly disclosed back-doors that ISIS could then use. Meanwhile the rest of the world will use encryption systems build in other countries without said back-doors meaning that the US will be able to spy on itself but no one else.

Question how do you build encryption software with back-doors when the only way to build encryption is to open source it. Then someone will see the bug and fix it or it would have to be publicly stated that this bug exists for spying and then no one will use it.

Typical idiot that thinks the world begins and ends with the US.

Also even if they introduce new encryption with back doors ISIS will just continue to use the old stuff or build it's own. Then again they may just revert to sending letters in the post as most spying looks to have moved on from interception physical mail. Heck even a simple formula could be devised to make it unreadable and extremely hard to crack

Uber Australia is broke: 'We don't pay tax because we don't generate revenue'


The companies are just doing what they are legally allowed to do. If you want to stop them then stop them. As users don't use them and as government change the rules to stop the tax avoidance. But will they I bet not some lobbyist will visit anyone pushing to make a change and things will carry on as they are. Australia has been barking at this for years and done nothing so one can only take it that they bark each time the personal coffer gets low and needs a top up.

If this was really about the Australia public interest then the laws would have changed by now or at least a draft in for reading.

Surprise! No wonder Oracle doesn't 'see' IBM or SAP in the cloud


If we all spin up as much resource as possible under the included PaaS contract on their cloud running some random workload tests would the result be a complete TITSUP for the Oracle cloud? Would be funny to see all the shouting that would happen only to find it was for workload simulators.

Dell (Michael, that is): EMC's DSSD a 'game changer'


Where they will face a challenge is 3DXPOINT and RDMA this tech will see servers with TB of NVRAM replacing normal RAM and removing SATA/SAS/SCSI storage all together, mix that with RDMA and its ability to scale out to a whole DC and DSSD looks like yesterdays tech. Yes they have a jump but it is so highly engineered to a custom spec that by the time it hits market it could only be 12 months before we see 3DXPOINT arrive followed by a whole wave of new products and startups.

Watch the Intel parts of SF8

The network really is about to become the bottleneck of speed.

VMware considered de-composing NSX into discrete products


sure wish the vSphere team would realize this. Every time they add a feature they add another SKU for people to upgrade to.

I think it really is time the number of SKU's was cut and the products rolled into simple groups. I mean they harp on about vCloud Suite but don't include NSX.

EMC-Dell dynamic duo: Mike's my ‘brother from another mother’ – Tucci


so simple solution sell some of the overlapping storage to Lenovo as the other article said they are left without storage now.

Let's check out Dell, doom and the competition


All they really need to do is bring the EMC product to the Dell method. Where EMC is like HP in a very deal oriented fashion.

What will kill them is if handing servers to EMC means EMC starts selling servers like it sells VMAX systems Dell won't exist 6 months later. But if they can turn EMC into the engineering business and Dell the selling this will set them on top. It would also drastically reduce the required EMC business as we all know they have some of the biggest marketing teams around.

What I do find most interesting is that they are sending servers to EMC but not network and looking at Dell's networking they have the open OS independent market captured well but only a small set of gear and this leaves me thinking that this was done to not push Brocade away maybe even to fold them in with it all. I mean no one seems to be talking about them but how long can Brocade go as a networking only company, even Cisco had to add other verticals. Folding them in make a lot of sense to me.

The incredible IT hulk: Dell + EMC - did someone say 'synergy'?


for this $$ couldn't they have just bought: Pure Storage/Brocade/Aerohive/PaloAlto Networks

That would form a strong set of integrated parts.

This Dell-EMC buy leaves me feeling that they need to by Brocade to top it all out leaving only wireless to figure out.

For those that sing along about HCI you must be in the same camp as the people who said cloud IaaS is cheaper call me skeptical but I am yet to see a product in this space that is priced decently.

What Dell customers will get form this is leverage to swing better deals and the EMC SDS could be pushed to lower ends of the market.

Dell seeking $40bn to buy EMC next week say reports


Actually this could work well. Sure Nutanix will get annoyed along with Solidfire but Dell could do well. It would take a lot of streamlining the products to keep only what is needed in storage and backup. Downsize the EMC part and float Pivitol and some more of VMware. Some of the write-offs could even give tax credits combined with some of the floats to cover some cost.

The Irony of the partnership that fell apart post Compellent.....

Dell's big sell would be that it becomes the largest full IT stack from hardware to software to management. Not sure how well the Microsoft partnership will fare and that might drive them and HP(E) together. I do wonder if they could cope with such a large pill.

AWS throws the lever on monster 2TB X1 for in-memory databases


E7 has 18 cores so 18 x 4 = 72 to get over 100 they would have to use hyper threading and that will have little gain if they are using all 72 cores to begin with.

Unless of course Amazon is getting some early shipment form Intel (unlikely) or custom parts and if Intel could build them I think they would be available anyway.

Microsoft stamps its bootprints harder into India


Time for us to call them pretending to be Microsoft support needing access to their Azure account to fix some fake hacking.

Boffins nail 2FA with 'ambient sound' login for the lazy


Please don't send the audio from the browser to the phone for processing and verification. This just leaves a hole attackers can look to use. The server should receive both audio streams and check. Even if it is a simple hash of the stream to save bandwidth but don't leave it to the phone to confirm.

Next-gen secure email using internet's own DNS – your help needed


DKIM and SPF along with correct DNS records would stop this if every company we so far as to actually implement this. We get lots calls from partners/customers complaining that our server blocks their email only to find they have setup SPF but never included one of their systems or users have started using an SMTP relay service as their ISP blocks it or even their IT provider wont help.

Then this new service still won't stop all of it. Today we had a fake email come in to finance from the CEO arranging a payment be setup and these guys went all out. They registered a domain the same as ours but swapped a "g" for a "q" and setup websites, email servers, DNS with A,MX,PTR and SPF records and even some HTTPS services with legitimate certificates. Even our CEO thought maybe he did send the email. It was only by an export to notepad we noticed the q replacing the g showing the extend these guys went to.

I am sure we would all be happy if everyone adopted correct DNS setup with MX, A, PTR and SPF records and set a hard fail on them thus confining spam to targeted attacks that cost money/time like the above.

VMAX flashes its virtues for all to see


all results?

Why are both arrays not in each of the results? Also the VNX was all flash configured I bet those HDD's were just the vault pack disks and not part of the disk pool.

HP goes off VMware's EVO:RAIL, stops selling sole appliance


way to expensive... Who thought of the idea to sell a product to customers that manages that other product you sell to them that manages the actual product they want.

What should have happened is someone say this is a great product lets replace the horrid vCenter with this new scale out HTML5 management engine and use it to manage vSphere/vSAN/NSX.

Ford's parallel PARCing: Motor giant tries to craft new tech just like Xerox


I think the media is far too obsessed with self driving cars something that is generations away. yes we have concepts but even cars new today take decades to cycle through the market.

The problems presented by self driving cars are not insurmountable but we are a long way from a solution. This is not cruise control on a plane or a ship this is fully fledged artificial intelligence using visual processing.

Jeep hackers broke DMCA, says EFF, and that's stupid


self driving car

Until these changes are made we won't see self driving cars.

VMware flushes away unbelievers with its new VSANitation unit


100's to 1000's of host...

Ah last I checked even 64 hosts was a problem.

While I think this is a good thing this is not the area I would be singing about making changes. The two places change is needed are in the rubbish management systems e.g. vCenter and licensing.


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