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Canuck reader threatens suicide over exact dimensions of SPAAAACE!


Re: To quote Weird Al

Thankfully Weird Al got a few things wrong. We shipped Celine Dion to Vegas years ago (J-Biebs is held not far from there, too).

Lucky for you yobs we truly know what it's like to be in absolute zero temps and survive.

I, for one, am Proud To Be A Canadian (as per the following traditions...) http://youtu.be/AAbisg02JD4

Oh yeah, I almost forgot why I came here tonight --> Take off, Eh?

Texas schoolgirl loses case over RFID tag suspension

Big Brother

Re: I'm wondering ...

It's called Operant Conditioning. Getting her to accept the lanyard represents the actual item so closely that it becomes more socially 'normalised' to wear the genuine article. This is a pretty common group behavioural effect that most advertisers seek to exploit, with great success.

Glider pilot 'swallowed camera memory' say plunge tragedy cops


Re: I wonder...

Obstruction is the charge of last resort around here. Destruction of evidence is a form of Obstruction. It carries an indeterminate sentence often decided by the Judge alone. Negligent Homicide carries a sentence of 1-5yrs. Basic Negligence Causing Death carries a sentence of 6m-1yr with an absolute maximum of 5yrs.

Obstruction convictions are quite rare, ask any police officer what happened when they were charged with it (a common occurence).


Re: Has no-one here...

Stomach acids will surely corrode the contacts to the point of non-functionality. Where do the facilities exist to re-establish effective channels to communicate with the underlying memory strata?

Not to mention the propensity for objects of similar size and shape to resist easy passage. Will it even be possible to find an ethical proctologist or surgeon who would be willing to violate the pilots rights and extract the device under legally sanctioned oversight?

The gross factor of this is just a childish pusuit.


Goose, Goose, Goose, DUCK!

Anyone ever tried simple experiments in Radio-crystalography? I used my Veterinarian Father's old (1946) x-ray rig to perform my own aluminum crystal difraction proofing experiment when I was around 10yrs old (aluminium for you pommies [I am one too BTW]). To say that an exploratory alimentary x-ray chromatograph won't have ANY effect on the data stored in an SD card belittles the established facts of just how the data is actually stored within the bowels of such arcane devices.

Of far more important relationship to this tragic story is whether the local RCMP (Real Criminals Masquerading as Police) violated the basic tenets of criminal law in this country (yet again) by illegally using physical intimidation in aid of compelling an accused individual to divulge evidence through the forced involuntary submission to an electronically invasive procedure. Whatever evidence might possibly reside within his voluminous storage device will most certainly be expelled from the court as rapidly as monocotyledonous herbaceous plants pass through an Anatidea Anserinae Anserini given an enema.

Otherwise, this was a complete and avoidable TRAGEDY and my sincerest sorrowful regrets go towards the woman's boyfriend and her family. The pain felt from losing one's lover through the act of giving them the present of their lives is unfathomable. No matter what the safety device - checking it twice is better than attending a funeral once.


Re: shhh don't tell that to the American right

Thank you for your astute observation, there. Although there IS a Vancouver in Washington State, just South of us here in the Great White North (on the wet side). We prefer to see ourselves as a bit more enlightened and literate, if not always so safety conscious it would seem.

UK student faces extradition to US after piracy case ruling

Black Helicopters

Rights, you say???

They're not really RIGHTS if they're written on paper and can be taken away with the stroke of a pen under secret sessions of Parliament/Senate/Etc.

They are only really temporary privileges assigned and maintained by each successive ruling government - as appointed by financial lobbying interests.

In my youth I knew people (seniors) who had been scooped up into several different racially(sic) segregated internment camps. Germans, Ukranians, Japanese, and even some select Jewish people were among the financial and physical victims of warfare within Canada. We even shipped some of them directly from the UK and mainland Europe on our own dime as a favour.

Yeah, rights.

Big Brother

The thin end of the wedge...

I suppose that we should be happy there was no extraordinary rendition... in THIS case.

US bounty hunters, 'agents', and even Mossad have been snatching Canadians off the streets for decades with impunity. It has rarely occured to supress terrorism. This has happened under every gov Party that has held power in Canada.

Does anyone remember that the US actually invaded Panama and killed over 2,000 unarmed civilians in the first 24hrs on a trumped-up out of jurisdiction federal arrest warrant against Noriega for supposed drug dealing? They also originally tacked on a RICO charge (US internal state border crossing racketeering offence) even though he had only ever been there on State visits, but that mysteriously disappeared from the docket the day before trial without any formal withdrawal. The entire Canal Zone from end to end is now dominated by US corporate control. They justified this all to the press in the end as a strategic necessity for US/UK naval dominance, and nobody batted an eyelash about it.

Even the current supposedy Democratic US VP Joe Biden has openly stated his government's intent to use every means necessary to enforce their agenda on the electronic frontier AND the world stage. The recent reduction in US forces funding has been perfectly coordinated with an equal increase in funding for international UN/NATO led sub-contracting. You don't really believe that they flew pallate loads of billions in US currency into Iraq, just to lose track of it? Then there is the massive increas in the IMF funding aimed at garnering financial control of any smaller State they may be able to get hold of. Manufactured financial collapse is rather old-school - like late 16th early 17th century, old.

In the Great White North we had a recent Supreme Court ruling that linking to a site doesn't equate culpability for content. Whew!

It doesn't really matter now that we have George Bush wannabe PM Steven Harper implementing total warrant-less backdoor access to ISP's hardware for our national police. You know the ones, the Really Corrupt Masquerading as Police (RCMP) who like to taser people to death for argueing with them in airports. Their international spying record goes back to the original formation of this country and has often rivaled the KGB for style and execution. They split into the CDN Security Intelligence Service, so they could have a clearly defined unit to deal with international and internal supression, not just the street thugs in blue now.

Good Old Stevo' also wants to make CDN ISP's keep comprehensive electronic records of ALL packet transmissions indefinitely! I'm not quite sure that he's thought through the logistics of maintaining such a monumental amount of data - onsite. It boggles the mind, really. Then again, he did appoint a Christian Creationist as the Minister of Science.

There's a really nifty new draconian CDN Copyright Enforcement Act in the pipes. He also wants to make anyone growing more than six pot plants or baking with it go to jail for a minimum sentence of 3-5yrs and a maximum of life=20yrs as drug manufacturers. No more Granny's Favourite Brownies on a Sunday afternoon. He needs to justify the planned building of 8 new Mega-Prison's, even though the crime rate has steadily been declining for decades. Even manslaughter only carries a 1-3yr sentence in this country. Having worked IT in the belly of the beast, I have been privy to some extremely disturbing trends going back decades. Importing US prisoners under corporate contract is just one of the 'arrangements' that was included in the NAFTA.

The adoption in principle of NAFTA based 'rightness' was made by the UN and EU back in late 1995. What do you think all of the WTO/G8/G20 protest fuss has been about? Facebook guru Mark Zuckerberg was an instrumental BHZ (think IBM-HAL) agent in the dismantling of the anti-WTO movement in Seattle back in the late 90's - early 00's. He was rewarded for his loyalty with the NSA contract to implement their social data-mining initiative. The recent covert initiation of the international facial recognition database service has been going quite smoothly. The self-monitoring TimeLine was needed to assist less than technically competent agents organise their chronological searches. Too bad they never expected people to be so willing to adopt it and have been stumbling over storage limitations and are now suffering from complexity creep.

The wedge was set a long time ago and this poor young man is just a minor example of what is intended to unfold. Don't be too quick to label me a foil-hatter. Until you have seen/experienced events for yourself firsthand, it is a natural psychological necessity to maintain faith in the 'System'. That's the effect that's been relied on throughout history to facilitate corporate imperialism - and several genocides.

We can at least rely on entropy to prevail... eventually.

India threatens to block Google, Facebook and chums



You mean there'll be no more surfing all those Indian based porn sites anymore?

Seriously, mend your own end of the system first - I say.



They could always try using AltaVista instead.


Stuff the terrorism, what about the religious mob violence?

Every single religious sect on the entire subcontinent commits mass bloodletting via street mobs on a repetitive and reliable basis. To say that India has 'grown up' in recent years is to dismiss nearly every media source available, including the state sponsored ones.

Paris Hilton

Rick Santorum wants to get in on the action...

It would appear that the Prime Minister of India - Manmohan Singh, and the ruling Congress party leader Sonia Gandhi have joined together with the most dreaded force known to man - Lawyers, and are now vying for the title of 'The Biggest Puddle of Santorum in India'.

Maybe Santorum Americanus should join forces with Santorum Indicum and jointly sue the likes of Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.

We can call it 'The Grand Santorum Technicum'!

Yeah, good luck with that.

As for the silly SOPA (a.k.a softSOAP) posturing - anything that can be erected in cyberspace can and will be be circumcised.

I almost forgot to say, Mmmm... frothy!


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