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'Govt will not pass laws to ban encryption' – Baroness Shields


Re: So how do you distinguish REALLY good encryption from noise?

Right actually. Each ballot paper is numbered, the number being entered against your name on the attendance register maintained by the polling station staff. To test their reaction a couple of elections ago, I reached for the ballot paper pile and gently extracted one from the middle of the pile. Oh! the outrage. What was worse than their refusal to allow this simple test to proceed was their total inability to see what I meant when I explained that there is NO annonymous vote in this country since the sixties when the state secret services(or panty-sniffers as they have come to be called) decided that they needed to know who votes communist. No annonymous vote here.

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters


Re: The biggest Aunt Sally of them all....

there seems to be mechanisms in place enough to be taking down numerous torrent sites, so the idea here goes beyond the statedpurpose of protection...


This seems to me to be the vanguard of stifling free debate and any possible hint of

disside** though*.

The internet looks like the only area where ideas can still be freely exchanged (other than down the pub or so). But a little filter here and a little filter there....

US DoJ: Happy b-day, Ed Snowden! You're (not?) charged with capital crimes


Well..I believe that Iceland has at least jailed a couple of (extradited) bankers...


Re: So hypothetically

quite so.. try e.g.

What a Liberty: Virgin Media in buyout talks with telecoms giant



ours reverted spontaneously to factory settings the other day.

Apple weighs in on AntiSec's alleged FBI hack


fbi list here



Police mistake reveals plan for Assange's Embassy capture


Is it just me,

am I alone in sensating the presence in this thread, of transmissions from members of the security and or police or even persons of military backgrounds? Just on account of the use of language and of the apparent confident precision when discussing precise legal nicities, you understand. Plus some of the pottymouth expressions as well.


Legendary sci-fi fantasy author Ray Bradbury exits planet Earth


A life well lived

brilliant!! tks...

The Facebook job test: Now interviewers want your logins


make your bed

well, I'm a little surprised to note that so many of the ubertecherati have even considered joining a movement that was set up by a youth on the specious, puerile grounds that he wished to 'vid the groobs' on his fellow (female) students. see 'The Facebook Effect' Kirkpatrick. Good luck for the facefuture.

Anonymous hackers leak Scotland Yard-FBI conference call


I am minded to consider

that a hollywood cabal is seeking to control internet usage in a way that no government has yet managed.

To sieze persons and property outwith their national boundaries by having the FBI act on their behalf, who,in turn, activate overseas law-enforcement by proxy e.g. NZ recently.

The recurring hacks visited by the Anonymous collective and aimed at such old-world entities, are not so much a shot across the bows of those who seek control of the free internet, as a massive firework display which says 'you can not control us but we can shaft you with impunity', or words to that effect..

viva Anonymous

Retailer drops Eee Pad Transformer Prime, claims quality issues


I've encountered this years ago wherebye units are bought at $200 dollars tested or $120 untested, and then fix or replace the recalls..

Millions face Megaupload data deletion by Thursday


@ Mad Mike "what the americans need to understand"

Two points arise -

The term "American" will include people and societies, even countries, ranging from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. So in the quest for even-handedness and to avoid the possibulity of smearing innocents, the collective noun(vaguely but justifiably pejorative) for persons emanating from Fed States now in general use is "usan".

Again, in the search for balanced viewpoints, we have to be aware that the cabal who are operating the sopa, acta and siezing persons and property are in this case largely usans of a particular tribe. A tribe whose name we dare not say...


Do it fast?? Yes and no.



NO upbudget needed for confronting a playground bully. Asymmetric "r"us...We need look no further than the last two major illegal military invasions by the usans. In both cases the indigents trashed the usan mil using pound shop weaponry.

What's needed is the will to say enough or FO or whatever...

Polish lawmakers don Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA


remember, please

that this may prove to be only the thin edge........ This entertainment cabal have a wide and varied 'presence' and don' t seem to mind at all if their actions prove to be widely unpopular.

UK student faces extradition to US after piracy case ruling

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its time to take the country back

from these over priveliged oiks, most of whom will not have done an actual day's work in their puff.

They, our present crop of politicos, have somehow arrived in a position of power by default, ie as a career politician, whose raison d'etre is just that - to be in power. A new party would seem to be required, given the point at which we now stand viv a vis the existing mainstream parties.

Most recent elections have been won by a much reduced electorate compared to actual registered voters, not to mention the unregistered or apathetic or protest non-voters. I believe that the old guard can be swept away by a combination of the younger and older enlightened acting together as, for example, in a brand new 'Consensus Party', where a bloodless voting coup could spearhead a move towards a properly benign benevolent(place your adjective here) UK govt.

Just by reading the letters pages and comments in the national broadsheets/forums, one can garner a sense that there are able, competent professional people out there who would not succumb to the jobsworth mentality which infests much of the current political realm. New social media surprise electorate, anyone?? Made up of u and meand them..

just dreamin', I suppose...

Pirate Bay dropping torrents after magnetic attraction



"How is someone whose primary talent is music or writing supposed to earn a living if you remove their ability to do so?"

They get out of bed and present themselves at the place of gig and play their set to the paying audience. if I could record myself doing a day's work and send it in from bed I shoorley wood.


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