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It's the oldest working Seagate drive in the UK


Real Deathstars

The Real Deathstar drives were made when it was part of IBM. I still have a dozen of the infamous drives - all dead and stacked in a filing cabinet.

Fight global warming with Asimov-style Psychohistory - profs


You are assuming

You are assuming that it is the only research project he works on during that time. Most of the Profs I know have several projects going on at the same time.

Nokia deal to 'rocket Windows Phone 7 past iPhone'


Gmail more popular than Hotmail

According to the firm Hitwise, the most popular email website was Yahoo mail , followed by Gmail, and then Hotmail. These stats are as of March 2011.

Having more users means nothing. Having more active users is what counts.


HTC, Samsung, and LG

After the MS-Nokia announcement, there won't be as much effort put into WP7 phones by HTC, Samsung, and LG.

Hotmail vs Gmail? While there may be more Hotmail accounts than Gmail accounts, I see more Gmail accounts being used.


Switch to... or away

While you will see some Symbian users switch to WP7, you will see many switch away. As Symbian users contracts come up over the next year, there will be no Nokia WP7 phones for them to get, and they won't want to buy a dead end Symbian phone.

When dinosaurs mate: AT&T and Deutsche Telekom


Please Fail

I really hope that this deal fails - the last thing that the US consumers need is fewer choices.

AT&T acquires T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39bn


Sprint is next

Sprint will be the next major carrier to be bought, leaving us with either Verizon or AT&T. Then watch the rates go up.

HP's 'vision' should embrace Apple, not copy it


Good news / Bad news

The good news is that HP bought Palm. The bad news is that HP bought Palm.

Since they spent all that money buying Palm, they have to show that it was a good investment. But in a year or two or more, if they find out that pushing WebOS is a bad strategy, will they be willing to admit their mistake?

Microsoft compares Amazon cloud to 'horseless carriage'



We had problems with phone service, and it took Verizon 3 1/2 weeks to restore our DSL service. So it doesn't take moving to have connectivity problems.

Football goal-line tracking tech delayed


UK fans

Considering that there were an estimated 20.1 million people in the UK watching the UK-USA world cup game in 2010, there are more than 180,000 fans in the UK.

Yanks outweigh Canucks: Official

Thumb Down

PC police have arrived

Asians make up a majority of the minority population in Canada. In the US, asians have 1/3 the obesity rate of Non-Hispanic Whites. I would not be surprised at all if the obesity rate for whites in Canada is higher than the overall obesity rate for all Canadians as a result.

So, if we try to compare similar populations between Canada and the US, you see that the obesity rate isn't all that different. Which is not surprising since most Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border.

If trying to compare similar groups makes one a "white supremecist", then the CDC must be a group of white supremecists to group the obesity data that way, and polling organisations must be white supremecists for breaking down voting blocks by race.


Racial Makeup

The stats fom the CDC show that Blacks and Hispanics have higher obesity rates than whites. Non Hispanic whites had an obesity rate of 23.1%, compared to the Canadian rate of 24%.

Novell paints Red Hat Linux manager green



CentOS itself doesn't have any paid support plans for their RHEL based offering. There are some companies that offer support for CentOS.

Portsmouth redefines the Olympic-sized swimming pool



Just cut out a touch board thickness deep piece out of each wall, and then the touch board surface will be flush with the wall.

Mozilla confirms Firefox 4 beta 12 is FINAL test build


Updated old saying

Microsoft isn't done, until Firefox won't run.

Apple names iPad 2 reveal date



While so many people are amazed by the iphone and the ipad, all they are are variations on the ipod touch.

iphone = ipod touch + cell phone + 3G

ipad = big ipod touch + 3G

It will be interesting to see if the next really new product from Apple is derived from the ipod touch, or will they come up with something completely different for a change.

HTC 7 Pro WinPho 7 smartphone


iphone 3GS

The iphone 3gs was introduced in June 2009.

Canon EOS 60D DSLR


Thanks, Canon!

I bought a 40D a few years ago after the 50D came out - while the 50D was a little bit better, the 40D was heavly discounted. The 60D doesn't make me feel like I need to upgrade. Canon just saved me alot of money.

TiVo calls time on ageing set-tops


Lifetime subscription?

In the US, IIRC, you could get a lifetime subscription for your TiVo. With a lifetime subscription, I would expect to get full use for as long as the unit worked.

Now, Nokia, what about the hardware?


Only WP7

Most of the major Android players - Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony Ericcson - also have WP7 phones. And with the WP7 hardware specs set, there is less to differentiate between WP7 handsets. So by the time Nokia comes out with their WP7 handset, it will be in a crowded nondescript WP7 market. Maybe they will do something radical, like make it in white.

Sales show WinPho 7 off to a flying start


Two for one?

Wasn't there all sorts of deals on the WP7 phones, like 2 for 1?

Flash versus HTML 5


Even if Flash dies

Even if Flash dies, it will take at least a few years before it would be all but gone. So even if HTML5 is the way of the future, a phone that can handle flash will have an advantage over a typical life of 2-4 years.

Chinese crack down on 'money-sucker' Androids



This is already a "feature" of Windows Phone 7

Mexico mounts ROBOTIC ALIEN INVASION of US back yard


It's just

Swamp gas. From too many bean burritos.

EU telecoms to Apple, Google: 'Pay up!"


Cable TV

In the US, the cable TV companies pay TV channels to be allowed to carry them on their cable network. The cable TV companies know that if they don't carry certain channels their customers will go elsewhere. You call the content providers freeloaders, but the whole reason for using the internet is content. One could call the telco providers freeloaders because they are not paying the content providers anything.

Don't be surprised if in the future the telcos start paying the content providers.


Customers will go where the content is

If my telco cut off Google and others, I'd switch telcos. Why use any telco that restricts any of the internet? So, lets say telco "X" bans Google. And telco "X"'s competitors would start advertising that they offer the full internet, unlike telco "X". Assuming all other things are equal, which telcos will get more customers?

Verizon revives Microsoft's unhappy hipster phone


Dumping them

Looks like this is a way to dump the unsold inventory.

US may disable all in-car mobile phones


Ban front seat passengers?

How about banning front seat passengers? I see drivers talking to the front seat passengers, turning their heads towards the person and their eyes away from the road.

I doubt if the cell phone jamming will happen - It's the sort of issue that will get the current administration voted out.

Man enraged by sagging pants pops cap in teen's ass


Darn right!

Hey you! Get off of my lawn!

Sony Ericsson confirms Symbian spurning


Windows 7 Phone

While I'm no fan of Microsoft, too many people seem to have given up on them in the smartphone arena. But Microsoft knows that they must expand beyond the desktop, and they have a large amount of cash so they can afford to make a long term effort. I don't think that smartphone OS's have the same sort of "lock in" that desktop OS's have, so Microsoft still has a large window :) of opportunity left.

Assange denies 'sexual assault' allegations


No change

A new president claiming "Change". So much for that. It's not surprising considering Obama's support for the Patriot act.

Intel needs to rethink security to profit from McAfee buy



Wonder if AMD will now be shopping for a security firm.

MOON SHRINKING FAST - shock NASA discovery


No surprise.

It's no surprise that the moon is shrinking. Take a piece of cheese, and leave it out for a few days. It will end up noticably smaller. Since the moon is just a big piece of cheese, the same thing is happening to it.

Polaroid 300 instant print camera



What they need to do is combine a digital camera with a built in inkjet printer. That way you can select which photos to print, and have digital photos for adding to facebook, etc. Plus even with the high cost of inkjet inks, it would be vastly cheaper per print.

ACTA leaks - but secret squirrel stays secret



Bush started the Patriot Act. Now Obama supports it. Bush started ACTA. Obama continues it.

No change here!

Mozilla turns out Firefox 4 beta candidate builds



I guess you could call this the alpha beta release, and the real release the master beta.

England versus Germany: Quaff real ale


Flushed away

When England plays I always think about the movie "Flushed Away".

Sony Vaio P netbook



Thank you for testing the Vaio P with Ubuntu - you've probably saved a number of Reg readers some grief.

Google Caffeine jolts worldwide search machine


Switching to....

If google doesn't stop this stupid image background, I'm going to switch. Any recommendations?

MSI Wind U160


Live CD

Windows on a netbook is pretty much a given. What I'd like to see is if a popular live linux CD distro works ok on it.

Woman sues Google after highway knockdown


Hitting a Pedestrian

There are places that pedestrians are not allowed. And if this was one, she could be liable for any damages to the car. From wikipedia for jaywalking:

"Following the Uniform Vehicle Code, state codes often do not prohibit a pedestrian to cross a roadway between intersections if at least one of the two adjacent intersections is not controlled by a signal, but stipulate that a pedestrian not at a crosswalk must yield the right of way to approaching drivers."

Google mocks Jobs with Flash on Android



Even if flash is dead, it will still take several years before it would be irrelevent. Of course, having smartphones that run flash would slow the decline of flash.


If 80% of the smartphones had flash capability, and 20% didn't, who would be hurt more, Apple or Adobe? Apple has had a big advantage with the iphone far superior to other smartphones as a web device. With Android phones becoming good enough, as good, or better than the iphone, and available on multiple carriers, Apple will either have to bite the bullet and accept flash, or become a much smaller player.

RHEL 6 - your sensible but lovable friend


Enterprise OS

Once again, someone doesn't seem to understand that RHEL is an enterprise operating system and not just a server operating system. It is used by quite a few engineers where I work as their desktop OS, and I use it on my desktop and servers at work, and use CentOS at home. It would not surprise me at all if RHEL is installed on more desktops than servers.

Leonard Nimoy in 'no more Spock' shock


Did you

Did you google it, or did you remember it? If you remembered it, maybe we could get a class action suit going - pain and suffering!



Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins, only ??? feet tall,

Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins, greatest little hobbit of them all.

I still remember that song. Haven't heard it in forty years. Can I sue for damages?

Murdoch newswire sues over 'hot news'



"Murdoch's UK newspaper titles will start charging for access to their websites this summer."

Murdoch's UK newspaper titles will start losing readership at their websites this summer.

Ridley Scott talks up 'nasty' Alien prequel


Alien - deleted scenes

Did anyone watch the Alien deleted scenes? In one of the deleted scenes, they show a complete view of the alien - In the released movie you never see the entire alien. And it looked so "Star Trek Original Series" quality that it was easy to understand why they deleted it. I hope that Ridley Scott does better this next time.

HP: last Itanium man standing


Unsung Zero

AC - thanks for reminding me what a disaster Rick Belluzzo was for the computer industry. And don't forget, his reward for running SGI into the ground was a job at ......... Microsoft.

Apple in shock public attack on Adobe


Phone speeds

@Joe - Any new phone that competes directly with any new Iphone will be fast enough to run flash. I don't care if an older smartphone isn't fast enough to run flash if I'm buying a new phone - I only care if the new phone I'm buying is fast enough.

Adobe is claiming that 10.1 will be out in the first half of 2010.

While html5 might eventually replace flash, 2 years from now (the point that many replace their current smartphone) flash will still be significant.

Western Digital laps Seagate



Congrats to WD - over the last few years they have really turned around and put out high quality drives. I've bought 12 of their drives over the last 3 years with no failures - which is much better than what I was getting with Seagate. And I've got more than a dozen of the infamous "Deathstar" drives dead in a cabinet somewhere.


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