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IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop


To AC: Violence...

Don't project the results of your parenting failures on others.


It's the other way

Vladimir - Not may Irresponsible parents on this forum, as I can see by the downvotes on your post.



Didn't the crime rate go up in the UK when the new anti gun laws came into effect?

Serial killer PYTHONS stalk Florida's Everglades


Australian Snakes

Australia has plenty of pythons - some as long as a Bermese python. And plenty of highly venomous snakes, too.


Cold temperatures = RI

Pythons and Boas can easily catch respiratory infections that kill them. Winter temperatures in northern Florida are cold enough to keep them from migrating further north.

We have a boa, and we keep the cage around at around 80F. We have to be careful in the winter on how long he is taken out of the cage because the room is 68F. He caught a RI this winter and had to go on antibiotics.

Climategate ruling: FOIA requests cover backup servers too



Spend billions to lower the CO2? Try trillions of dollars.

Sick of Ubuntu's bad breath? Suck on a Linux Mint instead



I upgraded my linux machine to a Llano A3850. I had trouble with several linux distributions (SL6.1 bad sound, Ubuntu 11.10 wouldn't boot, Fedora 16 no sound), and ended up with Mint 12 w/ the latest Catalyst drivers. And KDE. Works fine, but seems a little strange coming from 13 years of RedHat.

Dumb salesmen are hurting us – Nokia CEO


They did it with Mango, etc

At the beginning of the year, it was "just wait until Mango arrives! then we'll have caught up." Problem is that Android and IOS are moving targets.

Frankly, if WP7 Mango has trouble against most phones running Gingerbread, how much improvement will they need in WP8 when going up against ICS?

Small pile of cash, dying platform: 2011 is bad news for Nokia



As I understand it, there were 1 million WP7 users on Facebook before November (before there were Nokia WP7 phones out), and there are 1.3 million now. And some of the added 300000 WP7 users are using WP7 phones from vendors other than Nokia. So there are quite a few Nokia WP7 phones that have been shipped, and not sold.

Loyal NASA rover Opportunity enters 9th year of Mars boffinry


2900 furlongs/fortnight.

Ultrabooks will devour notebook biz by 2016 - report


By then

In a couple of years, all hard drives on laptops will be SSDs. Remove the CD/DVD drive, and there is no reason for "thick" laptops. So the "ultrabook" will be the new standard, because there will not be any reason to make them thick.

Windows Phone to overtake iOS in 2015



Malware didn't stop Windows becoming the overwhelming choice on PCs. And quite a few people will associate malware with WP, since it is "Windows".

NASA shuts off Voyager 1's central heating


spin dryer

My inlaws have a still working refrigerator that is over 50 years old (probably closer to 60) with the original compressor motor.

Record numbers of readers flock to The Register



Congrats on the new record. I've been reading the Register as far back when it was an email digest before the web existed.

Bit-part actress slings sueball at IMDb over age gripe


Career chilling effect

I would think that getting a reputation for suing a company because they released her correct age would have a greater chilling effect on her career than would her being "too old".

Intel gets Atoms out ahead of CES



The netbook originally was a cheap web+email machine. But the first ones generally were underpowered for good quality video. Tablets like the ipad raised the bar, so that to be competitive, a netbook needs to be able to play HD video. For some strange reason, most netbooks do not have the Nvidia Ion chipset or the AMD C series processors, both which allow a netbook to play HD video. With Ivy Trail, underperforming netbooks will be a thing of the past.

Microsoft mum on leaked Phone OS plans



Wasn't Mango going to push WP7 ahead of IOS and Android? By the time Tango comes out, it will be time for Android 4.1........

Lumia sales fail to set world alight



It's possible, but Microsoft is well known for their astroturfing.

Regulator reckons telly advert caps are just peachy



While increasing the number of minutes of ads will decrease the cost of an ad to an advertiser, the advertiser looses because the viewer gets oversaturated, and more ad time encourages the viewer to get up and do other things during the breaks.

Speaking of ads, for the College Cup soccer semifinals and finals (US college soccer championships), they stopped the game halfway through each half to run commercials.

FCC (finally) cracks down on BLARING! TV! ADS!


It's bipartisan

Both sides have been obsessed with opposing the other party for quite a while.

LightSquared screams 'conspiracy' over leaky test results



"The Pentagon has worried for months that a project backed by a prominent Democratic donor might interfere with military GPS. Now Congress wants to know if the White House pressured a general to change his testimony. "


PC sales forecast slashed on back of disk drive crisis


I predict

I predict that by mid 2012 there will be a glut of disk drives. Higher drive prices will mean that they will run the production lines flat out.

North America makes entry into dino fatty league


Junk Food

"Denver also said that further studies were required to understand what sort of evolution allowed dinosaurs to become so big."

Well, if you ever saw episodes of the Flintstones, you would know that they had junk food back in the time of the dinos. So that's why they're so fat.

Windows 8 fondleslabs: Microsoft tip-toes through PC-makers' disaster


You forgot

You forgot the Itanic.

China gets 64 quid Android 4.0 tablet


Trickle down

Its all a matter of time before high resolution "retina" screens will be cheap as chips, dual core 2Ghz processors are just pennies, etc. At some point they will be good enough for the majority of consumers.

Canonical releases first alpha of Ubuntu 12.04



Hopefully AMD will have ensured that the next version of Ubuntu will work with Llano processors. The older version of Ubuntu, 11.04 works (sort of), but the 11.10 crashes during booting for most users. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 doesn't work well with llano processors, either.

Black Friday: Bargain-hunting mobs on the rampage


My BlackFriday

In the past, I've done the 6am opening at Best Buy and Circuit CIty. At Best Buy they try to make it difficult to get more than one of the big special items, and the check out lines were insane. Circuit City was infinitely better, but now they are gone. Staples sometimes has good things, and the lines to get in aren't too crazy.

Anyway, Thursday I checked the ads, and didn't see much that I was willing to suffer for. I ended up buying a new 50" plasma TV and BluRay player online. It's coming Friday - possibly sooner than what a local store could deliver one.

ESC - because I escaped the crowds Friday.

Google flings Bing into search engine bin


Gave up on Bing

I tried Bing, but I kept on having to rerun the searches using Google when I wasn't having enough success.

Fusion boffins crack shreddy eddy plasma puzzle



It's nice that you have enough extra income that you can afford to pay more for energy. There are plenty of people who already have to choose between eating and keeping warm or having lights on as it is.

OFFICIAL: Last Western Black rhino snuffs it


Przewalski's horses

Przewalski's horses were extinct in the wild, but there were 31 of them in captivity. Nine were used in a breeding program to reintroduce them to the wild.

NASA tells Voyager 2 to save its strength



I figure it takes about 13 hours for messages to get to or from Voyager. Pretty bad network latency. ;)

Manufacturers testing wider cars for swingbellies



I'm surprised that no one has commented on one of the reasons cars are bigger - car crash safety requirements.

Nude lady recreates Star Wars tauntaun scene in dead horse


All this fussing

It's like beating a dead horse.

Android upgraded to be more resistant to hack attacks


ALSR in Linux 2.6.12

Linux has had ALSR since June of 2005.

Leaked Nokia WinMobes ready for midrange scrum


Win 8 > Nokia

I think that Windows 8 with Metro will do more to sell WP handsets than Nokia will. WP7 looks different than other smartphones; Win8 will make it more familiar, and make people more comfortable with it.

Will Nokia be successful? Well, they have to compete against other WP vendors, Apple, and Android.

Netbook shipments slump in face of tablet rise



One reason is that most netbooks cannot show HD video - either they need an atom with the Nvidia Ion chipset, or the AMD C-50/C-60 processor. The atom + intel graphics, which is what most netbooks use, just doesn't cut it.

Where am I going tomorrow? My electric car charger wants to know



The downside is that you start out with a less than charged battery, so you end up discharging the battery deeper than if you started out with a fully charged battery. And the deeper you discharge a battery, the shorter the battery's life.

And what do you do if an unexpected trip comes up? I've had to go and pick my kids up from school when they were sick and take them home. But I wouldn't be able to drive back to work because the battery was too low because it only had enough of a charge put into it to go to work and back.

Amazon's Kindle Fire is sold at a loss


More like $160?

Over at eetimes, they estimated the BoM to be around $150.


Windows 8: Half million previews downloaded in 24 hours



I wonder how may downloads were done by hackers so that their "products" will be ready.....

Al Gore wants to borrow your Facebook and Twitter accounts


Gore != green

Back around 2005, when energy was cheaper, Al Gore used $30,000 per year in utilities for his house in Tennesee. His four (Overpopulation!) kids were old enough that they weren't living at home to help run up the bill. His big claim was that he had carbon credits to offset it, so he was carbon neutral.

Gore has made hundreds of millions on his "green" investments. So there is a conflict of interest on his part.

Ice Cream Sandwich Android out 'by November'


They're here!

I see the Microsoft astroturfers and Apple Fanbois have arrived.....

'Satnavs are definitely not doomed', insists TomTom man



There have been times when using my Garmin GPS that I cannot get satellites, so my daughter used her smartphone GPS app to get us the rest of the way there.

Notebook makers cautious about Ultrabooks


Better timing

It's better timing for such a product - people are getting used to laptops without CD/DVD drives, and they compare better in portability with tablets than do regular laptops.

I've been using a 11.6 inch netbook on occasion, and would love to have an ultrabook that size but with a 16:10 screen.

No pain, some gain: Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot examined



I put Ubuntu 11.04 on an old laptop. Used Unity for 15 minutes, and then put gnome 2 on it.

BTW, I was able to surf the web all day with firefox 6 with no problems, even though it only had 1.25GB of memory.

Microsoft delivers 'copy Apple' Windows 8 message



I've been shopping for a smartphone this week, and have seen plenty of WP7 handsets out there. Yet WP7 has a very, very small piece of the smartphone market. I think the reason is that WP7 doesn't look like the other smartphone OS's. To me it looks like a kids "my first smartphone", something you would buy at Toys-R-Us and made by Fischer-Price. But by putting Metro in Win8, people will get used to it and build up a certain comfort level. WP7 and Windows tablet sales will jump up. And it won't "hurt" Win8 sales, since the market has shown that they will buy Windows Whatever.

A Farewell to Oates: Adios, El Reg



So, are ou implying that the Register = Overfiend?

Mango release rumours leave Nokia behind


I finally figured it out

Nokia realized that they would get killed trying to compete in the Android market. And that Windows Phone was not going to be sucessful. But they knew that Microsoft was willing to dump billions into WP. With WP not doing well in the marketplace, the other smartphone makers would stop making WP phones, leaving Nokia as the main WP company. And if Nokia had any problems surviving on a tiny piece of the smartphone market, Microsoft would either just dump more money into Nokia, or buy Nokia outright.

GE brings holographic storage back from the dead


All I want

All I want is a way to store my data in such a way that 10, 20, or more years from now I know I will be able to retrieve it. Of course, it would have to be priced appropriately for the consumer market.

It is not unusual for writable CDs, DVDs, and BDs to go bad after even a few months.

Sony calls time on 8mm video format


Digital 8

I have a first generation Sony digital 8 camcorder. The picture became jittery, so I bought a HD camcorder to replace it. A few years later I decided to "play" with it to see if I could get it working well enough to copy the tapes to my computer over the firewire interface. It turns out all I have to do is occasionally slap it with my hand and then it works fine.

My model was a lower end model, and I can put in regular 8mm tapes (analog signal) and it will output a digital signal over the firewire interface. The downside is that the files are huge - a two hour tape can take up almost 30GB of space. Of course, converting them to mpegs cuts that by an order of magnitude.

Nokia posts massive loss, blames 'ambiguity'


Low end smartphones

One thing that Nokia has/had are low end smartphones. Since there are minimum hardware requirements for WP7, and WP7 is the only smartphone OS for Nokia in the future, are they giving up on the low end smartphone market?


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