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Dizzy: the Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

Philip Oliver

Interesting article - thanks!

Hi Andy,

Comparing Dizzy to Resident Evil is a bit of stretch! :-)

Anyway - Dizzy was written some 25 years ago - by 2 teenage kids out of a bedroom. So whilst not perfect, it wasn't bad - esp. given the price of £1.99. We are still proud that the game is fondly remembered by so many.

The recent iPad/iPhone/Android game came about after Paul Ranson wrote it "on spec." - not even knowing if it would ever see the light of day. I think he did a great job considering the risk he took. The game was very successful and reviewed well - so it's highly likely there will be more.

Regarding the bugs - an update is due VERY shortly - it contains various improvements too.

BTW - if you want to know more about Dizzy or any of our other games - we collect all the info here... (our memories are no good for this stuff ;-) ) www.OliverTwins.com

All the best,

Philip Oliver (aka an Oliver Twin).



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