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Acer Revo One RL85: A pint-sized PC for the snug



Does anybody have experience if this runs quiet / loud? It could perform a NAS type function and second pc function in one, but would live in my bedroom.


Eyes on the prize: Ten 23-24-inch monitors for under £150


Multiple inputs

Many of these have multiple hdmi inputs, but anyone know if any (or others) can display 2 inputs simultaneously, ie split the screen. I know the resolution isn't great but could be useful?

O2 tries something completely new: Honesty



I don't get it. If I need a new phone, I pay £50 up front then £20 per month + £17 per month for talk / data etc = £37 per month....the same as a decent contract now.

(OK when the two years are up my bill will drop to £17 per month, but those who let contracts roll on after their tie-in has finished are idiots.)

I'm not arguing if contracts are better than non-contracts (I for one cannot afford £500 up front) but I don’t see how this changes anything. If this is also a “non-subsidised” phone I don’ t want bloat, bookmarks, splashscreens etc!

Vodafone will rent you an iPhone 5 for 69p* a day


I can't say I am convinced. You can get a 12month deal from Vodafone already, and at a similar line rental (£46 vs £47). The cost of ownership over 12 months is then different by £137, of which £149 is the upfront cost in the traditional contract model. Surely whichever of these high-end phones you choose will be worth at least £150 on eBay in 12 months, no?

And you remove the option of once 12 months is over of stopping the contract and putting in a cheap sim only deal. You know, circumstances can change where paying c£50 a month doesn't make sense any more.....

Barnes & Noble Nook HD and HD+ hands-on review


User Profiles

This product isn't for me....but the user profiles are definitely interesting. I own a tablet that is wi-fi only and never leaves the house. Between me and the significant other there is a constant battle over favourites, single sign-in apps / websites etc. But am I shelling out £hundreds for a tablet each? Nup. I am Scottish after all.

The sooner this is a standard features the better.

Google Nexus 7 Android tablet


Not here, where the 4.0 update hasn't rolled out to UK Xoom's yet.

[Yes I could root / rom / apply US firmware, but why should I?]


Re: SD slot

It's not the lack of SD that concerns me on this product, it is the general move away from local storage on both Nexus devices and high end options such as HTC One X. Maybe this makes "Sense" (sorry) in the States where Google music is free, large data allowances come with contracts and 4G is rolling out, but where I am in Scotland with patchy 3g at best and a move to smaller / more expensive data then it does not do. Not for me anyway.

People always suggest that no-one forces you to buy a product and to vote with you wallet. That is why I will not buy this device. Even though I want it so bad.

HP Pavilion dv6 15.6in quad-core notebook

Thumb Down

1 good point...

.....of reviewing this rubbish is that it brought it to my attention. It is so poorly flagged up on the majority of websites / shop displays, usually just as "HD Monitor" that I would prob have not looked. I stand educated!!

[Of course if they put decent screens on their machines then education would not be needed. Blissful ignorance]

Archos G9 101 8GB Android tablet



Does anyone know what does the HDMI connection then show on a TV? Is it exact mirroring? If so does that stop you watching (for example) iPlayer on the TV via HDMI due to DRM type stuff? (Suppose my question is relevant to an Android Tab but particularly this one as I want it!)

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