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Manhunt 2 banned

Neil Marshall


This is just infuriating. Like many people have commented upon, Movies that show torture, mutilation, drug abuse, mental and physical abuse all get licences. Yet a game doesn’t?

My parents when I was young taught me right from wrong. I was given martial arts lessons, learnt how to shoot a torrent of firearms, frequently watched horror movies and played violent WW2 games and other FPS games. I haven’t gone out a shot anyone, robbed anyone or raped anyone.

If this is the case, why wasn’t ‘The Punisher’ banned (torturing "enemies" for the hell of it)? or Counterstrike, Call of duty, Company of heroes, medal of honour, battlefield, and the worst of all, a book that documented killings of entire nations, the bible?? Is it because these don’t have a previous history of negative press from people? While we are at it, can we ban any news broadcasts from showing any wars or tragedies, or anything that can provoke an emotive reaction.

It just seems that when there is no motive for something evil that happens in the world, the media decides to blame something of fiction, where nearly every man, woman and child can turn on to BBC1, watch the news, and watch grown men with fully automatic weapons, RPG and tanks roll through an encampment and kill indiscriminately. Where is the censorship for that?


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