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Facebook tries to stop its staff using iPhones in 'dogfood' push

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Who said anything about rage quitting? Also, what does a personal choice such as a mobile phone have to do with self-entitlement?

Would you like your employer to dictate what car you drive, or the brand of cereal to eat in the morning?

Just because you gave up on being individual, it doesn't mean that everyone else has to.

Anonymous takes down UK government websites in Assange attack

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Re: Is Anonymous is beginning to behave like a church?!

Surely if your acquaintance proclaims membership of Anonymous then he is longer so?

Volvo claims V40 is first car with an airbag for pedestrians

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Electric Cars

I can see this being a vital component if and when electric cars become commonplace. I've seen many pedestrians working on the 'can't hear anything so it must be safe to cross' principle.

Uni plagiarism site buckles under crush of last-minute essays

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99.5% Uptime?

Last time I checked 99.5% uptime was 1.83 days downtime per year.

Panasonic PT-AT5000E LCD projector

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The cosmetic design may be thumpingly dull...

Amen to that - £3,100 and the remote control looks like it came from an <insert your favourite cereal brand here> packet.

IT urine bandit fired and charged

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Employee Notice

A company I previously worked for posted a notice in the male washroom:


To all employees,

Please do not leave drinks in the washroom. A cup of liquid - which was later found to be apple juice - was left on one of the urinals.


I always wondered who had the unlucky task of determining what that liquid was.

Quitting your job? Here's how not to do it

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Re: Working your notice

May I ask how you verify changes to an aircraft guidance system work via binoculars? The absence of flames and aircraft debris I presume?

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Re: Very true

Totally agree, I've encountered people on numerous occasions stirring faeces about the company and boasting of their over-inflated new wages returning a short while later burgundy faced with cap in hand.

FTC, RockYou settle after 32 MILLION passwords pillaged

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Re: Good deal

Good deal?

They are being fined less than 1 cent for every exposed email address. I'm certain an email address list as extensive as that is worth more to the scam artists out there.

Asus UX21E Zenbook 11.6in Ultrabook

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It's shame that they made it look so dated; huge bezel and oblique text on the keycaps? Ouch.

Cops cuff rectal shoplifter

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What Player?

This article doesn't state which player was secreted. Surely, this is important due to the eye watering difference between a first gen iPod and an iPod nano.


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