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Sussex rap fan wants statue of Easy-E from NWA in his hometown because he's a 'legend'


Re: NNN - Nuke Newhaven Now

Luton - that shite hole really should be used for heavy armament target practise

Hungover this morning? Thought 'beer before wine and you'll be fine'? Boffins prove old adage just isn't true


Been experimenting for years and I still don't know what a hangover is

UK transport's 'ludicrous' robocar code may 'put lives at risk'


I'd be interested to know how insurance companies will deal with an accident involving an autonomous car with no driver in it.

Hey, UK.gov: If you truly spunked £45k on 1,300 Brexit deal print-outs, you're absolute mugs


Outsourced it all to Crapita. No sorry, that would have doubled the costs

F***=off, Google tells its staff: Any mention of nookie now banned from internal files, URLs


Just spell fuck differently - Phuq works pretty well

Who fancies a six-core, 32GB RAM, 4TB NVME ... convertible tablet?


Window 10 Requirements?

Is this an indication of how much resource is required to effectively run Windows 10 these days?

Plusnet slapped with £880k fine for billing ex customers


Re: "in lieu of payments owed to customers whom it could not contact."

"Telecoms thieving bastard hand relief society " brilliant!

What is your favourite cider?


Re: What is your favourite cider?

Any and all, especially like Stowford Press, Thatchers Gold (yum) and have you tried Pimms but instead of all lemonade. 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 cider, and of course a good slug of Gin to liven things up a bit

Kodak heading to Chapter 11



That Antonio Perez is a real a$$hole charging so much to screw up a company, I'm applying for his job as I only charge $2miillion to destroy a company, saving Kodak $3 mill, bargain!

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