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Ferguson Hill FH009 home theatre system

Tim Hill

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Hi there,

As the designer of the FH009 speaker system I thought that I would reply to some of the comments above.

The cables from the back of the horn driver actually do route down the centre of the stand. Please check out the pictures on our website: www.fergusonhill.co.uk

There is also a wall mount option.

The main cabinet is rather large and heavy out of necessity but is designed to comfortably fit in a standard TV stand.

The Polycarbonate horns are totally UV resistant, and also very tough and well damped.

The 2 stereo amplifiers and active pre amp use transconductance technology, and the horn drive units are custom designed semi full range units that use neodymium magnets.

The small thump on turn on is normal and just the relays turning on.

The horn speakers are fairly directional by design as this improves the imaging capabilities.

Please do feel free to email me with any questions about our speaker systems:


Kind regards

Timothy Hill.



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