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Inventor flames Reg, HP in memristor brouhaha


A response to Blaise Mouttet

One of Blaise Mouttet's problems with memristor technology is the absense of magnetic flux in the devices found thus far, despite Chua having predicted the flux should be present.

This has not been peer-reviewed yet, but I have a draft paper up on arXiv (http://arxiv.org/abs/1106.3170) which identifies where the flux might be. A less turgid version has been written up for a journal and is currently going through the process of publication.

The main idea is that the charge in Chua's equation should be the oxygen vacancies (in the HP memristor) and thus that the magnetic flux should be that of the oxygen vacancies - which is an admittedly odd idea. However, using it makes the memristor announced by Stan Williams fit Chua's definition easily and the scales involved provides an explanation of why the magnetic flux has not been measured.

Secondly, my day job is making memristors and in doing that I have found that the ReRAM/RRAM papers very useful. As I can see it, the two fields are merging; top ReRAM people are editing memristor special issues in journals and memristor and ReRAM people are being invited to the same specialist conferences.

Dr. Ella Gale,

Unconventional Computing Group,

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