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New York Times uses palpably fake pic to illustrate Syrian warfare


The question isn't so much "is it real", but rather "how soon before all conflict photos are fake?" My bet is not too long.

iPhone 5 sales curbed by lack of smashable screens – report


Business as usual

Step 1) All phones with aluminium backs are scratched easily.

Step 2) Our phones do not scratch easily

Step 3) All phones except ours scratch easily

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too


I wonder...

I wonder if this drives up demand for the S3? I'd certainly been waiting before upgrading but if there's a chance of it not being available in future I might just decide to buy sooner rather than later.

Incidentally, I thought it seemed like a smart move to release the S3 ahead of the new iPhone to avoid at least some of the cries of "it's an exact copy"

Apple: You'd want hi-fi streamage from us, not poor-people Wi-Fi audio


On balance I think I'll just wait for the Samsung version to come out.


The ability to send media data over wifi is built into such exotic and hard to find products as "Windows". Why does it need to be on a secondary wifi connection when you can do multiple things at once with just one anyway?


I for one can't wait for the inevitable adverts that state that Apple invented this magical, revolutionary new product and that nobody has ever done it before.

(Much like their MP3 player, tablet, video calling, rounded rectangles...)

Microsoft dumps Metro from Windows 8


How about "Windows: Last Edition"?

Molyneux chisels away at social experiment


Re: Thinking about Fable...

That can't be killed, however much you might want to?


Thinking about Fable...

With his history of over-hyping things, I would imagine whatever is "in the box" isn't really worth sharing with anybody.

Facebook files to dismiss ownership dispute


The Social Network 2

I'm seeing a sequel coming up.

Feds issue final 'Do Not Track' privacy recommendations


Re: No "Choices", No "Options", No Tracking or Datamining ever.

I don't see this as being the same as the do not call registry for phones - if you want to use the free services on a website in exchange for some tracking code and targeted advertising then that's your choice to use or not use the site. Whereas with the phone thing you don't have the choice to receive the call or not (assuming you didn't yet sign up for not being called)

Grand Theft Auto 3 fires towards fondleslabs

Thumb Down

Care needed...

I paid for and installed this on my Galaxy tab. It spent over 15 mins downloading stuff before breaking i.e longer than the timeframe Google allow for getting a refund.

Incidentally, Google's refund policies appear to violate distance selling law in the UK...

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