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Reliable system was so reliable, no one noticed its licence had expired... until it was too late


MUMPS Re: Remember Y2K?

MUMPS did that; crashed on the 32768th say of the last century ..

Boffin suggests Trappist monk approach for Spectre-Meltdown-grade processor flaws, other security holes: Don't say anything public – zip it



Way back then, a prof told Intel about flaky FDIV; he was ignored until the web exploded. Not a security issue.

A few weeks ago, a mother told Apple about flaky FaceTime (her son hit the problem); she was ignored ("go pay for a developer license 1st") until the web exploded. Very much a security issue.


air bags

or your air-bags (just hypothetically) ...

Ouch, Apple! Plenty of iPhones stuck in tech channel. How many? That's a 'wild card'


Re: Apple boredom

Backup video camera


Re: Apple boredom

Backup video

Jeep hacking lawsuit shifts into gear for trial after US Supremes refuse to hit the brakes


switch Re: So...

At least the network should have an on/off switch (default: off!)

I'm just not sure the computer works here – the energy is all wrong


WHAT? Re: Mythbusters

"most transistors were valve affairs " -- ???

Why, you're no better than an 8-bit hustler: IBM punts paper on time-saving DNN-training trick



A-law on mu-law codecs use funny 8-bit floating-point formats

Clunk, bang, rattle: Is that a ghost inside your machine?


IBM Re: Spooning toner into the copier

A lot of IBM PC guinea-pigs did that -- enough to make IBM rewrite the user manual

Haunted disk-drive? This story will give you the chills...


Re: I remember once

"it is amazing how hard it is to understand something when your livelihood depends on not understanding it"

How an over-zealous yank took down the trading floor of a US bank


ANY Re: Unplugging the keyboard = kernel panic ?

I am told lots of Russian keyboards have "ANY" (in Latin characters) handwritten on the space-bar (Russian has no definite article)


Multi-GB Re: Unplugging the keyboard = kernel panic ?

When goody-bag USBs are multi-GB, there is no room for decent error messages???

Boss regrets pointing finger at chilled out techie who finished upgrade early


virtual card Re: gets worse, the bigger the company ...

Capital One lets you create per-supplier virtual credit cards; can be killed as needed.

(I am just a satisfied customer)

Google Chrome: HTTPS or bust. Insecure HTTP D-Day is tomorrow, folks



https: gets mad when I have to log on to a gateway (e.g. Starbucks) to get on the internet. I learnt to use http://xxxx.com to get to their login. (Use to use xxx.com, but one place came back with "why this porn site??")

US military manuals hawked on dark web after files left rattling in insecure FTP server


ISBN Re: Probably just as easy...

When the US military published a book on battlefield surgery in Iraq &Afghanistan, someone had the bright idea to not give the book an ISBN, so it would be hard to find.

Software changed the world, then died on the first of the month


not always 0000... Re: Data format parsing

I once had to add someone to a US health insurance program, who did not (yet) have a social security number. 0000.. was no go. Playing with the last digit was no go. I then noticed a tax form that had a grey 222222... where the SSN has to go. I typed that in -- bingo!


credit-card Re: Data format parsing

Accepting that credit-card number (4 groups of 4 digits) was something Fortran _1_ could do, back in neolithic times.

Developer’s code worked, but not in the right century


month names

A colleague tried to avoid US/Europe date confusion by outputting 12-May-2018 etc. Worked A-OK until the French insisted on French, the Hungarians on Hungarian, the Esperanto guys ...


The HAVE been robbed: Re: The Internet is international - and so are many supermarkets.

Rent was paid by quarter, laborers were paid by the day. The quarter around September 1752 (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cal_(Unix) ) was bad news for renters.

Don’t talk to the ATM, young man, it’s just a machine and there’s nobody inside


The implementer's motto: Re: In the days of pen and paper, initials were double edged too ........

"if we can't fix it, it ain't broke"

HPE: Exafloppers need to be 'memory-centric' as world cannot afford internode data slinging



It should be 10^15

Microsoft sinks another data centre with Natick 2


why pressure

Why a pressure vessel, rather than high-pressure air/nitrogen?

US Senator Ron Wyden to Pentagon: Encrypt your websites



US law _DOES_ define crypto as munitions. See http://www.mattblaze.org/papers/export.txt

Fixing a printer ended with a dozen fire engines in the car park


Re: Had the fire brigade called to a five star hotel, in Malta....

Some reactor in Chernobyl also had the safety devices disabled during an "unauthorized experiment" ...

FBI chief asks tech industry to build crypto-busting not-a-backdoor


Is this the same

Is this the same FBI that got repeated calls about the Florida school shooter, and did nothing whatsoever?

Hypersonic nukes! Nuclear-powered drone subs! Putin unwraps his new (propaganda) toys


P Re: Possible scenario

"P" stood for Pursuit -- later became "F" for Fighter

Amateur astronomer strikes it lucky with first glimpse of a Supernova


8" Re: My Precious...

The Lowell observatory sells an 8" scope for a petty-cash sum

That microchipped e-passport you've got? US border cops still can't verify the data in it


memorize? Re: Border crossings, with or without Network access

all you have to memorize is your 1st name &home 'phone number

Sysadmin crashed computer recording data from active space probe


Re: old lessons well learned

A medical device company went DD-MMM-YYYY. Worked OK _until_ the French customers wanted French months (just Jan-Fev-..., not Brumaire, Frimaire ...), the Germans wanted German, the Esperanto customers ...

User stepped on mouse, complained pedal wasn’t making PC go faster


Solitaire Re: Reminds me of a story

I believe this is what Solitaire was invented for

FBI says it can't unlock 8,000 encrypted devices, demands backdoors for America's 'public safety'


Trump gave Putin some Mossad secrets _without_ any backdoor ...

We translated Intel's crap attempt to spin its way out of CPU security bug PR nightmare


Re: AMD not vulnerable

X86-64 is an _AMD_ architecture, which Intel had to adopt after Itanium crashed &burnt. Guess who copied from whom ...

'Suspicious' BGP event routed big traffic sites through Russia


Mr. P has already got it

Night before Xmas and all through American Airlines, not a pilot was flying, thanks to this bug


Re: Nickname

USeless air

Now merged with AA

You know what's coming next: FBI is upset it can't get into Texas church gunman's smartphone


resurrect Re: FBI can't unlock smartphone

Maybe they can then resurrect some of the dead ...

Health quango: Booze 'evidence' not Puritan enough, do us another


"and here follow my conclusions

upon which I will base my facts"

Boss put chocolate cake on aircon controller, to stop people using it


humidity Re: Heating / Aircon

At one place, half the people complained it was too hot, half that it was too cold. The AC people ran round&round with a thermometer.

They never checked humidity; but one person would ride her bike to work, put her sweaty sweatshirt on her chair to dry -- and after 9+ hours it would be still sweaty.

I suggested they replace their thermometer with an astrology book -- more fun, and equally misleading.

Hipster disruptor? Never trust a well-groomed caveman with your clams



The V is missing!

Sysadmin tells user CSI-style password guessing never w– wait WTF?! It's 'PASSWORD1'!


Re: I had a boss that kept forgetting his password.

Dialog re: bluetooth

me: use the 'phone # of the girl that would have been your girl firiend if only she had said yes

Turner Whitted (yes, him!): 722...

Me: hey that's a Seattle 'phone #!

Turner: I didn't specify the area code ...

This was the home 'phone of young Kathy Pappas, who is now (&has been for a while) Kathy Whitted.

Bloke fesses up: I forged judge's signature to strip stuff from Google search


letter to authenticate letter

At one place, a guy had a degree from a university they did not recognize. They asked for a letter from that university, to verify the degree was really a degree. I suggested they also ask for a 2nd-order letter to verify the letter, a 3rd-order letter to verify the 2nd-order letter, ...

FBI probing Uber over use of 'Hell' spyware to track rival biz Lyft



The $1M goes into a private person's pocket. Ask Charles I how this worked out.

VW engineer sent to the clink for three years for emissions-busting code


life&death? Re: Did He Have An Option ???

The shenanigans were not deadly to any individual; and if all polluters were murderers, the jails would be very full.

Oracle has to pay top sales rep stiffed out of $250,000, US court rules


Re: Wasting the courts time

Israel's wage protection act lets the judge award up to 5% per week; this is mainly to make employers' legal departments to avoid delaying tactics.

BOFH: That's right. Turn it off. Turn it on


195X Re: do not enter the hypen!

Fortran 1 could do it back in 195X

Dead serious: How to haunt people after you've gone... using your smartphone


Chap.12 "the wheel of life" in "when the air hits your brain" https://www.amazon.com/When-Air-Hits-Your-Brain/dp/0393330494 has a similar story

No laptop ban on Euro flights to US... yet


NZ, Canada &Australia Re: Why Israel didn't ban electronic devices on flights to Tel Aviv?

also to the point: NZ, Australia &Canada share "5 eyes" intelligence with the US. If they have not banned laptops, what is different about the US?

Beaten passenger, check. Dead giant rabbit, check. Now United loses cockpit door codes


battery Re: Security Theater

It's way easier to put out battery fire in the cabin than in the hold

Steppe thugs pacified by the love of stone age women


(alleged) locker-cave talk:

"I grab women by the [deleted]; when you're a neanderthal, they let you do it"

Airplane bomb fears spark America's laptop, tablet carry-on ban


per http://www.bbc.com/news/business-39425532 and http://fortune.com/2017/03/28/trump-electronics-ban-iata-criticism/ , the IATA boss does not believe this is about security, has mentioned protectionism.

I notice Canada, NZ and Australia, which share intelligence with the US and UK, have no ban

Uber: Please don't give our London drivers English tests. You can work out the reason why


why a _reading/writing_ test, and not oral? I don't usuallycommunicate with a cab driver by paper notes ...


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