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Films-on-USB kiosks come to airports


Shame about the activation step needing an Internet connection.. I guess one thing they should do is have a wifi hotspot built into the kiosk that can be used to do this relatively easily/quickly. Still, it's an extra step that complicates the process which won't do them any favours.


RIM PlayBook price cut specials become standard

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Actually a pretty decent 7" tablet

When the price hit £169 I went and bought one; it's a brilliant little tablet.. nice hardware spec, reasonable number of apps.. esp if you sideload whatever Android apps you want. Easy to root. Absolutely no regrets about buying one, however I don't believe it's worth the original RRP.


Brits turned off by Smart TVs

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Not fussed

Totally not bothered if the TV has it built in or not.. I'd much rather read something like twitter on my phone/laptop instead of it being overlaid on the TV picture. Then if it's something like LoveFilm/Netflix, I'd rather it was in a cheaper external box which sees some firmware updates, rather than TVs which hardly ever get any updates. When it has built-in media playback it usually doesn't cover of the video/audio codecs I want, and then never sees an update to enable more in the future.



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