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OWC 6G Mercury Aura Pro Express SSD


Clarifications to article from OWC

Some inaccuracies or assumptions here that need to be addressed:

1. the Connectivity spec....it's not mSATA 6Gb/s...we use a custom connector.

2. the heat increase is related to freeing up the 6Gb/s bus so the processor can do more tasks faster. Now the drive is not the bottleneck and the machine can run as it was intended to.

3. related to above then, one won't experience significantly lower battery runtime if the time to complete various tasks is reduced significantly. For most users running multiple tasks....the issue of time spent vs battery life used (compared to stock machine) is a wash....meaning no major difference in battery runtime from factory SSD vs ours. Does ours use more? Yes...but not to the detriment suggested.

And at idle, the power use results are nearly the same.



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