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New Horizons probe reveals Ultima Thule is huge, spinning... chicken drumstick?


its no drumstick. like many if not most such far-flung objects.. its a big dick

Mars One puts 100 Red Planet corpses colonists through fresh tests


even spacex wont be going to mars. musk can talk it up all he wants but nobody is going to commit billions of dollars for what is essentially a photo-op

'Duck face' selfie in SPAAAACE: Rosetta's snap with bird comet


Re: Collision vs other explaination

the duck shape is from two roundish objects touching each other with dust and small chunks collected at the "neck." it would have taken a very long time for that whole collection of junk to fully settle into the relatively stable rubble pile it is now. its gravity is so low that if you gave it a swift kick even with your own comparably tiny foot it might break up a bit into a swirl of dust and rocks before gliding back together


alas the register doesnt make me laugh nearly as often as it tries but thats a damned good headline


Re: Tricky landing

no, it rotates once every few hours. the clip speeds things up immensely

OkCupid falls out of love with 'anti-gay' Firefox, tells people to see other browsers


Re: Product != CEO

people boycott equality supporters all the time. its not some mythical scenario you just cooked up in your wild imagination. and there is no absolute arbiter of what is right and wrong, in case you hadnt noticed that there is no god or jeebus being quoted on CNN for our enlightenment. we pick our sides. we act accordingly, pressure is brought to bear, and change is manifested. sometimes that change is on the wrong side of history but today equality is a self-evident positive to a now unstoppable majority, though there is much progress yet to be made still and it wont be painless

'Super-powerful' Flame worm actually boring bloatware


Re: This article reads strangely, at least to a non-professional in the security field

that's for sure.. everything about this threat looks extremely sophisticated, but the fact that its spread is apparently limited and controlled gives the author licence to dismiss it as bloatware? that is infantile bloviating. if this is "boring" then lets hear all about the exciting ones??

Antarctic ice formed at CO2 levels much higher than today's


global warming is a reality. the natural phenomena that produce such warming or cooling trends are also a reality. the problem is that mankind is reproducing those trends in the course of decades vs over milennia. even while antarctic ice is steady, on the other side of the globe artic sea ice is steadily coming closer to disappearing during summers. that is a shocking level of change within a single human lifetime, at a pace that far precludes evolution from keeping up

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