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Will UK.gov crack down on itself for missing Cookie Law deadline?


Re: More unwanted stuff on websites

The best part about that link is how the web developer has worked the word 'Cocks' to sit just beneath the logo.


ISPs should get 'up to' full fee for 'up to' broadband


More Tarrifs needed

If the ISPs offered more tarrifs, then the problem would resolve itself.

I am with Bethere, and I get 16Mbps out of a 24Mbs subscription, about 60% of the advertised speed. My only options with the ISP are 12 or 24Mbps, so my options are to pay for 24Mbps and get 16 or drop my connection speed to 12. If they offered tarrifs for 14, 16, 18, 20, 22Mpbs I would be able to switch to whichever one was most appropriate to my line speed and be happy.

Personally I think 'up to' advertising is fine, as long as the service delivered is within a reasonable margin. I could accept getting 20/24Mbps, but 16/24 takes the piss a little bit.


Orange contract price hike angers subscribers


"Orange insists that this rule does not apply because the increase was catered for within existing contract Ts&Cs."

I'm pretty sure that they cannot opt out of Ofcom regulations with their T&C's, and that the Ofcom requirement takes precedence. If their T&C's had said that they could increase prices up to 10x RPI per year without giving customers the ability to opt out, would that be ok?

I'm sure they will be let off though, because they are only breaking regulations 'just a little bit'.

My contract with Orange is due for renewal almost exactly when these changes were being pushed through, so I thought the price change was just for me at first.



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